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Spartan - Dystopian World expansion


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Dystopian World Expansion Kickstarter

Written by Spartan Games |


The Great Dystopian World Expansion!

Spartan Games is very excited to announce that our Dystopian Wars World Expansion Kickstarter will go live in November 2016, bringing a host of exciting new models and books that will delight current fans, and capture the imagination of new players.

After working our way through the excellent results of our recent customer survey, we have created a brand-new campaign that embraces the top results that our customers said they wanted from the Dystopian World. Our ability to focus development work on the needs of our customers has enabled us to take in-progress projects and fine tune them to create a campaign offering what we firmly believe will both delight and satisfy the needs of gamers.

Much more information and images will be detailed over the coming weeks, but let’s look at the exciting highlights of our new campaign offering:

Core Nation Expansion Sets

Dystopian Wars players told us they wanted more models, which is fantastic, as we have been working in-house not only on the Battleships many of you have seen on our previous blogs and Facebook page, but a range of upcoming releases for the Core nations. This Kickstarter will allow us to realise and extend these plans in a much quicker and fuller way. With an initial focus on the Core 7 Nations (Prussian Empire, Federated States of America, Kingdom of Britannia, Empire of the Blazing Sun, Covenant of Antarctica, Repuplique of France and Russian Coalition) we have created Expansion Sets which will bring a new Large, Medium and Small Squadron to each given Nation.

The models will be either Naval or Aerial and the driving force behind the models is to bolster the capability of that nation in battle. Models are also designed to show the progression of each nation’s military during the word war that consumes the Dystopian World, setting the stage for even more exciting expansions down the line.

Core Nation Guide Books

Each of our brand-new full colour print books will detail a great nation and its military by drawing together a mixture of exciting sources, including an up to date nation background, short stories, breakdowns of key weapon systems, ship guides, combat strategy for a nation’s forces, colour scheme reference guides, famous fleets and admirals and historical scenarios from the world war.

We’re very excited to be bringing you these printed books and believe they will be a must have for all Dystopian Commanders!

Operation: Ice Maiden – the new Dystopian Wars 2-Player Starter Set

The call for a new Dystopian Wars 2-player set has been met with Operation: Ice Maiden – one of Spartan Games’ most exciting boxed sets to date! Building on our exciting new Baltic campaign, this superb set will appeal to existing and new players alike. A fantastic story setting will see naval forces of the Prussian Empire strike out into the Baltic to engage the navy of the Russian Coalition. At the heart of the Prussian’s audacious plan is the Ice Maiden, a huge invasion Super Carrier created by the mighty Teutonic Order out of an ice berg!



Created by the Teutonic Order, the Ice Maiden Super Carrier is the largest naval vessel ever created in the Dystopian World. The model is 275mm long.

But facing the Prussians is a Russian Coalition naval force confident that it can defeat any enemy, and itself deploying new naval vessels it feels will turn the tide of war in the Baltic region.

The 2-Player Starter Set contains over 30 highly detailed models, scenery, dice, campaign guide and rulebooks (Dystopian Wars and Dystopian: Fleet Action) – everything players need for countless hours of fun!

Campaign Books

Our two new print Campaign Books are designed to move the timeline of the Dystopian Word War forward. These books will bring world events up to date in 1876, providing you with an exciting backdrop in which you can either play the connected scenarios as laid out by Spartan Games, or which may inspire you to write your own exciting adventures using our new narrative.

Each book comes with a rich background, campaign scenarios that can be played standalone or interlinked and covers not only all theatres of warfare (land, sea and air) but also draws together Dystopian Wars and Dystopian Legions. Let’s talk about each of our exciting new books:

Book 1 – Operation: Ice Maiden

The Eastern Front – the oldest and harshest of the World War’s European battlefields. The initial Russo-Polish offensives of 1869 and 1870 struck heavily at the Prussian Empire’s eastern frontiers. From the Baltic to the Carpathian Mountains, the White Armies of the Russian Coalition and the Hussar Legions of Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth hammered at the Prussian Reichswehr and Land Fleet formations arrayed against them.

It has been this way for long years. For the old Prussian Emperor Frederick Grunder, it is a matter of the Empire’s survival. This is the principle Prussian war front, where much of the Empire’s military forces are now deployed and only the mighty Wolfgang Fortresses hold the enemy at bay. For the Russian Tsar Vladimir and his key ally, the Lancer King Karol of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, it is no less crucial. The breaking of the Prussian Empire would leave them the masters of eastern and central Europe, and able to turn their eyes – or at least those of the Tsar – to fresh conquests.

The Lonely City

The only East Prussian city to weather the initial Russo-Polish onslaught mostly intact was the noble city of Königsberg, surrounded by impressive defences designed and paid for by its former Teutonic masters. These Sturginium treated bastions contain heavily automated systems based on the Teutonic Order’s mighty automata and robot machines. But time is running out for this mighty city…

As Russian Coalition and Polish-Lithuanian forces close in to once and for seal the fate of Königsberg an audacious plan has been executed by the Teutonic Order to not only relieve Königsberg, but to kick-start an offensive in the East that will send shock waves through the Grand Coalition.

Enacting the plan

Almost two years in the planning, the Teutonic Order’s plan has seen the creation of a giant Super Carrier named the Ice Maiden. Joining Prussian Empire naval forces this vessel will form the core of a force that will strike through the Baltic, with the assistance of their Danish allies, and relieve Königsberg from where a new offensive will engage and destroy Grand Coalition forces. Once the city is reinforced, Imperial Bond forces will smash their way out creating a new offensive front that will drive East into the heart of the enemy.

Only time will tell what the fate of Königsberg will be and whether the five-year stalemate that is the war of the Eastern Front will finally come to an end! This book extends the storyline we introduce to you in our new 2-player starter set.

Book 2 – Operation: Bronze Typhoon

In 1868, the World War first exploded into life when the city of Singapore was razed by the Empire of the Blazing Sun. The island fortress was shattered, its former Britannian and East India Trading Company masters cast out as the Empress’s fleets and armies as they drove west, bringing new lands under the Blazing Sun’s banner.

But the Britannians have never forgotten this most painful of defeats; even after many grinding years, the memory of Singapore resonates bitterly in the halls of London and Calcutta. Now, at long last, a chance has arisen to avenge that defeat, and take back what was lost. In Burma, Royal Australian, Indian Raj and Kingdom of Britannia forces are being amassed. The Bronze Typhoon is about to descend!

Return to Singapore

The Empire of the Blazing Sun has not been idle in South East Asia since its first great offensive washed over Queen Victoria’s East Indies domains. Blazing Sun warships and flying engines continually sweep the region’s seaways, while ground forces hold the line in the contested western islands and the Malay lands north of Singapore itself.

The city of Singapore, smashed to rubble by the dreaded Wani has risen again, but this time as a powerful Blazing Sun citadel, a key bastion in this war-torn region; securing the Empress’s hold on the western East Indies, the Blazing Sun’s westernmost Oriental frontier. Thus, it is Singapore that the Britannians and their imperial allies have chosen as their primary target. Powerful Britannian and Royal Australian naval flotillas set forth to smash Blazing Sun opposition at sea; massed soldiers and armoured forces of the Land Armada and the army of the Indian Raj prepare to assault the Malay Peninsula and the island of Borneo. Their aim: to trap the Empress’s East Indies armies and fleets in a mighty pincer move and recapture the island for Her Britannic Majesty.

Bracing for the Storm

With the Grand Coalition contingents of Operation: Bronze Typhoon uniting to prepare their attack plans, many other factors are about to come into play. As the Britannians rally the forces of their empire territories, so the Blazing Sun also calls upon its allies for aid. Mighty floating bastions of the Chinese Federation fleets steam south to bolster their Imperial Bond partner. With favours called in and treasure changing hands, Free Australian flotillas sail with all speed into battle to fulfil their contracts. And last, but not least, the Blazing Sun’s newest and most eccentric ally, the self-styled Italian ‘Ambassador-Prince’, Admiral Vincenzo DeLuca leads his notorious ‘Sea Wolves of Hawai’i’ to the defence of the East Indies.

The stage is set for a ferocious clash, between mighty fleets on the high seas, ironclad behemoths on land and looming flying engines in the skies. As the Bronze Typhoon sweeps into the East Indies, it’s time to choose your side and fight to the bitter end!

The League of Crimson

All through human history, war has had many different meanings. Men and women have taken up arms for crowns, flags and gods. Some have been motivated by patriotic fervour, some by faith and others the simple lure of plunder. But there is one last group, perhaps the most frightening of all – those who battle for the sheer thrill of the fight.

The notorious League of Crimson falls firmly into this category. Originally an exclusive private members’ club based in London and New York, it had a long-standing interest in big-game hunting and martial pursuits. But the Sturginium Age and the World War have seen the League transform into something far more powerful…and sinister. With its membership counting some of world’s wealthiest – and most cold-blooded individuals – the League has become a feared and sought-after mercenary company. Their stock in trade is death; their prey is… anyone!

Crimson_League_Flag.jpgThough never numerous, the League’s riches have given it a power out of all proportion to its size. Cutting edge technology has been sought and accrued from sources around the globe, refined for one deadly purpose – the art of destruction. From their base at Banjul at the mouth of the great River Gambia in Africa, the League takes contracts and plans their missions. Part fortress, part hunting lodge, and part luxurious estate, the citadel serves as a home away from home for Leaguesmen and their entourages.

League membership is open to any who possess two key attributes; immense wealth and a hunger for hunting and combat in all its forms. The League sees the World War as a glorious opportunity, the chance to openly exercise their skills in hunting ‘the most dangerous game’.

The League will fight for anyone and everyone who can afford their outrageous fees. They have no qualms about taking the battle to any who stand in their way; if two Leaguesmen should cross blades or level guns at one another across the field of honour, the fates of war alone will judge who is worthy of victory!

This exciting new mercenary faction will make its first appearance in Dystopian Wars as part of our Dystopian World Expansion Campaign – expect to see some most exciting and unusual Squadrons!

In Summary

We’ve packed a whole host of cool expansions into our Kickstarter Campaign and we can’t wait to tell (and show) you more. We believe it is a fantastic first expansion of the Dystopian Wars World and we look forward to sharing more.

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Originally Spartan was going to launch a new game via Kickstarter but after a customer revolt they decided to expand support for their existing games.


I find this stuff pretty interesting but I can't see how I'd fit in a new project or game at this point.

I have some of the ships already, and some flying machines. Very much liked this line of models. Ran out of money to keep collecting. Local players evaporated.


I have not paid close attention to what Spartan is/was up to. What was or would have been the new game?

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Live.. added link to first post and edited tags


About this project

Dystopian Wars is the ultimate massed battle war game which uses highly-detailed 1/1200th scale miniatures to bring a Victorian era world to life for you on the gaming table. In this incredible setting the great nations of the world are locked in a devastating world war, with incredible machines of war, fuelled by a strange new technology called Element 270, battling for supremacy.

Players control powerful Battle Groups using a sophisticated rules engine that connects all theatres of war together: Air, Sea and Land. The innovative Spartan Exploding D6 dice mechanic delivers exciting gameplay and the rules cater for a myriad of combat options within a game system that already has over 500 models available for it! This expansion campaign is an exciting development for the Dystopian World. Based on the wish list of our worldwide gaming community, we have assembled an array of exciting new products.

Check out our Update page for some awesome images of painted models from the Dystopian Wars range.


This major expansion of the Dystopian World requires significant resources (3D sculpting, graphics design, retail packaging design, writing, manufacturing, etc.) to bring it to fruition, and this Kickstarter is designed to accelerate that development for you. Our intent is to heavily resource this work with the funding so that we can deliver all Pledges by the end of March 2017. As indicated by many Kickstarters, issues do arise during projects, but we have selected a funding level we are confident will enable us to circumvent any potential obstacles and hit our deadline for you. That said, an invasion by a superior Alien Species would cause us all delivery problems!

It is also important to understand that these products will also have a retail release, but not at the expense of Kickstarter backers. Please note that when our Store Bolt-ons are made available any store that backs the Kickstarter will see their product shipped at exactly the same time as any other backer.


A survey of our worldwide gaming community identified several key products that they wanted developed for the Dystopian Wars gaming system. We have used this feedback to create a Kickstarter full of what we believe to be the products you want to see. Let’s look at them:


Operation: Ice Maiden 2-Playter Starter Set Two of the Dystopian World’s most powerful nations come together in our awesome new 2-player set as they battle for control of the Baltic Sea! Naval forces of the Prussian Empire are steaming for the fabled city of Konigsberg to relieve it from enemy attacks. But facing them is a Russian Coalition fleet full of new war machines and led by the massive Murmansk Fleet Operations Vessel. The Prussians, however, have their own array of new ships and their secret weapon – Ice Maiden - the largest ship to ever be built in the Dystopian World that just happens to be made from an iceberg! Both behemoths of the sea are represented as full-size digitally painted card sheets which feature within the campaign scenarios.

Our brand new 2-player set brings together over 45 stunningly detailed models, plus all the materials needed to play (dice, rules, tokens, templates, scenery, campaign guide and TWO softback copies of the brand new Dystopian Wars 2.5 Edition Core Rulebook). This Starter Set is perfect for new players to start their Dystopian adventures, and a fantastic expansion for existing fans of the game and represents superb value for money.


Let's make the box even cooler OK, so having seduced you all with the idea of our Operation: Ice Maiden 2-Player Starter Set… let’s take it to the next level. The Rear-Admiral Pledge takes the 2-Player Set and upgrades the rulebooks to Hardback, delivers deluxe acrylic tokens and you also get TWO Kickstarter Exclusive free models: the 276mm long SMS Ice Maiden and the 135mm wide Murmansk Fleet Operations Vessel, both cast in stunningly detailed resin and exuding quality. So, you save money AND get EXCLUSIVE models!


The brand-new 260 page Dystopian Wars 2.5 Edition Core Rulebook delivers a new level of exciting gaming to players, building upon an established game mechanics this new book refines gameplay, simplifies fleet building, speeds up play, delvers an exciting new campaign system, incudes the Fleet Action fast play rules as standard and features a brand-new design and layout. This is a must have for existing players and the ideal way for new players to start gaming in the exciting Dystopian World! Hardback and Softback versions are available.

f7e2429e64ea2bdfbada586c54c15eb2_originaNot Final Book Covers

Core Nation Expansion Boxes Dystopian gamers asked us for new models – and that is exactly what we are creating for them. New and exciting models which expand the core nations of the game, delivering even more fleet building options and filling in tactical gaps in a nation’s military. There are SEVEN boxes to choose from - Kingdom of Britannia, Prussian Empire, Russian Coalition, Republique of France, Covenant of Antarctica, Federated States of America an Empire of the Blazing Sun. Each box contains 1 Large Squadron, 1 Medium Squadron and 1 Small Squadron, model numbers vary by Nation.



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