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Maledrakh's Minivember: #1: the baby dragon 77274

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So it's Minivember. The month where one tries to paint one different model each day.

As is typical, I am rather late to the party, having been busy with work the whole of the first week.

So I will try to do a different model each day (or rather, the equivalent: 30 different minis this month) the important bit being "different" so duplicates do not count for the Minivember tally. And when I say duplicates I also mean similar minis (e.g. of the same type, or from the same unit). So doing say, 30 Clanrats will still only count as one.

So these will be semi-randomly selected minis, and we start out with a baby dragon:




Reaper makes many great dragons, and for the most part, the Bones material works well (as in "well, they will need some support or else they will sag over time due to the weight of the massive dragon on the comparatively spindly legs."), but on these smaller dragons the material shows it's limits when it comes to the finer details.

The supposedly clawed hands were mostly blobs I needed to carve out, the supposedly fanged mouth was mostly solid gums with lines in them, and the eyes....  The eyes needed to be painted on.

This might have been a miscast, but I imagine it is not. Many Bones tend towards softness in the fine details.

But then again, it's Bones. The whole point of which is to make the minis cheap and easy to deal with.

Which they admittedly are. This is not a £10 model! Yay!


77274: Dragon Hatchling Red

Reaper Bones KS2

Bonesium PVC

40mm base


Minivember tally: 1

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