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Crusaders Armybook

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The army books I have are around 50 pages total, with around 20 pages fluff and the rest for faction rules, army lists, and scenarios.


LOL that Amazon listing.  That's some hardcore speculation on a random softcover b/w book.  Although I found another listing for 20$, search for "Warlord Crusader" and make sure to push the "see all buying options" button in that listing.

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Thanks for the advice Jeneki.


I did the search and found a 20$ listing, I am located in Germany however, so postage was 30$. So, I am content to leave it for now....


I am annoyed with myself, because some months ago I saw an ebay listing (in the USA) postage was 24$, but the leading bid was 1$. I did not realise how rare the book was at the time.


I have a question though, would it be fair to call a Justicar a type of Paladin?

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