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Elf minis compatible with Mantic range? (Comparison pic request)

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Are there any miniatures that could blend in in a KoW army? Mantic elves are ridiculously thin while still quite tall, which makes everything else seem obese when standing side by side. I would like at least some characters to differentiate my army as Mantic's choice is very limited. I don't mind some kit bashing as long as its relatively simple (head and weapon swaps, resculpting capes).


The dark elves and some elves look close, but hard to say without seeing them side by side.


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Alistrilee and the Bones dark elves are on the tall side, even for Reaper. They would be really out of scale with Mantic. 
Here's some I painted a few years ago, to give you ideas. 
Also 14631 Evshyvandra%2BDuskwidows is a good size, IMO. 

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I don't have any Mantic elves but I could take a pic of some GameZone and Thunder Mountain elves next to GW LorR elves.   Maybe you could combine that with the pic that TheAuldGrump  found.  


Are you looking to blend minis into the same unit or as separate units?   Or are they going to be individually based?

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Thanks all!

I know and like lotr elves, but they are too thick even as characters in a Mantic army.

I considered Thunder Mountain, but here they looked too short:


On 'cook's pic I see they changed the scale though?

Similarly the left and second-to-right reaper are hugely different, I expected them to keep more or less similar scale. Is there a rule to keep in mind which reapers/bones are compatible with themselves? The right reaper looks like it might fit, which one is that?


I quite like Evshyvandra, if she would fit as a character (with a weapon/shield swap), then she can make the cut. I like your drow (well, I really like drow as a faction), but it's hard to put them side by side in mind, especially as they seem to be using different base sizes. I was looking mainly for characters, perhaps unit champions, to add a theme to an otherwise quite bland army. I think of doing Ice Kin, perhaps as a matriarchal society, and considered incorporating 'I don't give a puck about cold' fluff into modelling, leveraging comparative general availability of lightly clad minis. It all depends on what I can find, though.


If something suitable comes to my attention in several body types, I would also do a completely non-mantic scout units to make them stand apart a bit more - currently they share the same body types with the rest.


I will use Mordred from Tre: http://red-box-games.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15&products_id=36

who is a very good match, and probably anyone else robed in a way concealing their waist difference.

I am sure Lady Geneve would make a much better Elf Wizard than Mantic's offering:


Great transgender human, not so much their own elf line:


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    • By Shadespyre
      Not seen many painted examples of this mini, which is odd because I love the pose and demeanour of her. I've sketched in the basic colours but it's not really speaking to me at this point. I think I could do something with tweaking some shades and maybe introducing a spot colour to lift it. I can't decide how to paint the tassles, for example. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears - which reminds me, I added big elfy ears to the model, should it look odd to anyone. I'd love to see anyone else's version of this mini, too.

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      These last few weeks have been very busy IRL so very little has been painted. I did however manage to whip this up the other day.

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      For some reason my camera did not want to focus properly on the face.
      Printlines?! Printlines!?

      What is it with "premium" resin minis and what looks suspiciously like printlines? Has someone failed at the clean-up-of-the-master-print-stage or is it something else that makes such lines a thing? Has someone rushed and cut corners? Why would you release a premium resin model like this?
      You can say a lot about Mantic starting out with cheap, "no brand" minis, but that is simply no longer true. Single, normal size resin models clock in at the €10-15 range retail price, the four model booster is a £30 / €40 / $45 box. That is premium pricing. Well, maybe at the lower end of premium but still, premium pricing.
      When they charge a premium price, I expect a premium product. Print lines = sloppy quality control. = not premium.
      Apart from the print lines on the cape, it is a good mini. I cannot abide the square bases they use for Vanguard, so I printed a 25mm round for it.

      Sneaking up on a beefy snack
      This mini was finished May 25th 2020.
      Vampire Halfling
      from the Undead Warband Booster
      for Kings of War: Vanguard
      Mantic Games, 2020
      unknown sculptor
      Made in resin
      25mm base.
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      Then the former Otherworld Giant, now produced by Crooked Dice Games.

      And a very iconic piece of loot:

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      This is one of Mantic's earliest metal minis, the "limited editon" Orc Shaman from 2011. It was AFAIK not available by itself, but added to army boxes, deals and so forth and I believe I got this from the first Kings of War kickstarter in 2012. Or an army box with orcs.
      Today, it is on their website and can be had by redeeming 25 mantic points through their points scheme. It was known for a while as "Wip the Half-Caste" but now is back to "Orc shaman" I suspect the "Wip the half-caste" name is some sort of internal Mantic joke.

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      Her colleagues are a Stonehaven halfling librarian and a Black Cat librarian/cultist. Gave them both a minor touch-up for this shoot.
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