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Like the old song says, 4 out of 5 ain't bad.  ::D: 


Great job, the 4 that filled look great!  Even better once they're polished up I bet - looking forward to more pix.


So much for the experimental technique...  Seems to me like you'd probably have to do a bit of extra cutting to free that one from the tree anyhow.




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On 3/12/2018 at 9:06 AM, TaleSpinner said:

Yesterday, I invested it and did the burnout and casting.  I did not change my burnout procedure, but when I melted the silver, I waited a whole 10 minutes after it melted for it to come up to temperature.  Sterling silver melts at 1640 deg F.  Last time ,I cast almost as soon as it was liquid, so I doubt it was much more than 1700 deg F.  This time with the 10 minute timer, It likely got all the way up to the 1780 I had the melt furnace set at.


Anyway...IT WORKED!!!!!


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I made a RING!







It's not perfect, but it isn't flawed enough to be rejected either.  I am already working on the next one and my file work is already loads better than on this one.  It is so shiny that things like the eye really don't photograph well.


Every step of the process has been filled with the NEW.  New skills to be developed, new tools to be obtained and mastered, new muscle movements to impattern, new ways of thinking and approaching a problem, et. al.    It is very exciting. 


This one is mine (I figured I'd do my learning on my own).  Tonight, I polish my wife's silver version, having done the file work last night.



(looks like I could use some lotion)

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13 minutes ago, Kang said:

Wow, looks awesome.  If that's not perfect, it's really hard to see why from the pix.  I'd say you nailed it... Congrats!




The shank is way too thin and one eye is a bit too small.  Both are the result of not knowing what I was doing while filing away imperfections and having to correct filing errors with more filing.  My wife's version, which I finished last night, turned out a lot better as I was far more aware of the consequences of over working the metal, and had better file control.


Shaping a ring with a file is surprisingly different than removing flash lines on a mini, and yet the skill from the minis applied, I just needed to understand the differences.

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