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While I don't have the privilege of saying I cast it etc. I did design my fiancee's wedding band. It was a pretty awesome feeling. 
Still need to decide what to do for my band. Due to my previous job I had planed on going tungsten or similar material. Now I think forging one out a bit of meteorite would be fun. 


You are an amazing sculptor, the ring will be wonderful. 

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It's been a while since I updated this topic.  Since I last posted here, I resculpted the whole engagement ring in ZBrush.  I don't have current pictures now, but these are pretty close to what it ended up looking like:




I went through several trials getting it out of ZBrush.  First I put considerable money into a castable resin that wasn't.  It left a lot of ash in the mold after burnout and the castings all looked like they had a crackle surface.  I was rather displeased.  Next I tried printing it in a high temp resin and made a vulcanized mold for wax injection.  This worked, but wasn't ideal.  Finally, I talked to @Julia and found out what she is using.  It turns out that Bluecast is the resin of choice.  It is an Italian made resin that is only sold by one distributor here in the USA.  It was fairly expensive at over $200 after getting it and the additives it needed.  That said, it produced the sharpest prints I have yet to make.


Along with the engagement ring, I also printed a new design I made in ZBrush for our Haiti project.  It is a ring based on the Plumeria flowers that are native to Haiti:




On Sunday, I cast a tree of these two rings in silver.  These will all be going to Haiti, as the people there often use silver for wedding bands.  I will be using these as learning tools for learning how to set stones.  I've read a lot and watched a lot of videos, but had yet to apply that knowledge.  I want Ari's ring to be perfect, so I plan on making a bunch of silver rings before I try this in gold.


The tree and a partially polished plumeria ring that I had salvaged from the earlier attempt with the bad resin:





Last night, I finished one of the lotus rings, setting a sapphire into it.  It turned out pretty good.  The stone is in solidly.  The cuts for the stone are a little rough and will need refinement in future rings.  It may not be master level, but it's at least mall store level.  I'll get better as I set more.  I have a selection of amethysts, smoky quartz, and citrines on the way here now to practice with (gets a little expensive practicing with sapphires).



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