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WW2 Highlanders Battalion Miniatures

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About this project

Who are Wargamers' Homestead?

Wargamers' Homestead is a producer of metal miniatures based in the United States. We are a new company that has evolved out of a college gaming group. We have experience at casting our own little line of miniatures for our club. In late 2015 We decided to expand into world market with the first big range being early WWII. If successful we plan to expand and break into other eras and fantasy lines! We have our own casting facilities and have established and productive relationships with multiple figure sculptor around the world.

Highlanders Platoon

Historically the last time kilts were worn in combat is the Battle of Dunkirk (May 26, 1940 – June 4, 1940) by the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, So if your a historical gamer these would count as "Early War" infantry. For non-historical players: who doesn't wanna play with some highlanders


What you will receive

 All our mini's for this project are sculpted by the talented Leandro Ventic

These are the starting Miniatures but we have a second batch already being produced for stretch goals!

bb41ca8ced80e94a804f9f3e9eff84ea_originaThe Command team (Runnier, Lieutenant, Medic)


053c5b8d0b8421e15f132994fbd1c79d_originaBayonet Infantry


0c39e82ec6bfe976a2f82ae7ddc5cec0_originaFiring Infantry


e8aa6bd814d0dd3fa00856326455f1fd_originaBren Light Machine gunner

                                       To compare sizes 

e9f4f48dd5fb54d20b174eaaa36a5958_originaEureka Miniature, Warlord games, Wargames Factory, Wargamers' Homestead

 We Understand with every new company its always a risky business trusting they can put out quality products so we have cast up a few to show off the miniatures and what you will get! 


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