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The FLUME - Dice Tower - Dice Case - Hardwood RNG Solution by Hal Zucati

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Not like any other dice tower, The FLUME is an amusement park ride for your dice. Making random rolls quick and easy. Hardwoods.

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About this project

All the pictures below show the PINE version of the FLUME and FLUME BASE. 

I'll add the other woods as I get them milled:

11-4-2016 - Milled Canary Wood (Needs Sanding)

The FLUME and FLUME Bundle....

The FLUME comes with two halves. Designed to work with The Dice Base System and the optional FLUME base.

The FLUME Bundle comes with the two halves AND a BASE which is designed to form a clam-shell dice and accessory holder.

FLUME  - Two Pieces (Two Halves)

FLUME Bundle - Three Pieces (Two Halves + Base)

92f1611425a189192940bf275e9a80c5_originaThe FLUME Bunlde comes with three parts. The FLUME with just two. The Bundle features Two Tower halves and one base. Together they form, The FLUME Bundle!

A dice tower so fun, your dice will think they've gotten tickets to an amusement park. 

da536b005e893f702e4719bf9a343ee0_originaBut wait, this isn't your average gaming accessory. Like everything from ZucatiCorp there's more than one use for all parts! Inside you can store a pad of sticky- notes, more than a full set of dice and a pen, or two!

No really. Its freaking awesome.

(And it breaks in half for storage)

The flume is only 6.5" tall x 1.34" wide x 2" deep. 

e666e6f566a4bf60a03782e03f63ea29_originaJust like it works as a clamshell storage case for your dice, pens, paper, and minis... the parts stow on the OUTSIDE too! Just want a compact rolling tray with cool steps and a nice big landing area? You got it... The rest stows underneath.

As you can see from the videos The FLUME is designed to eject your dice with just the right amount of speed and spin. This keeps the randomization high and the number of dice on the floor low.

3367bd2869f06aeb707c82298f1ec0ab_originaRoll the dice uphill for a challenge....

You can use The FLUME with any of our Dice Base 2 bases or by itself. Its got a nice little magnet on its base so it'll stick to anything magnetic: soup cans, camping plates, a steel workbench, whatever! 

1c3b4f63a265cfee1c4acebeb2a54ef2_originaMaybe you like to roll one at a time... that works nicely too.


21df29cc67499aabcaeb191e2cd1c30e_originaEvery bump, flat, corner, angle and knob inside the FLUME is calculated and engineered to produce the most active and random twirling, bouncing, yawing and pitching of your dice as they traverse the FLUME CHUTE!


cc3f8302315203924869d5a6b926bb54_originaHide your favorite Standard D6 or similar sized die INSIDE the FLUME while your use it. Bring good luck? Punish that die? The use is up to you.
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