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November mini challenge

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SparrowMarie's mini a day challenge has inspired me to do something during November. I don't have the time or the wherewithal to paint a miniature every day so I've decided to try to finish as many half done miniatures as I can. I've got Hasslefree's Hayden on the block right now. She's full of sass.



I started her at ReaperCon and made it through some basecoating. I took some time last saturday to work on her and got pretty far. I wasn't happy with my color choices, however, so I repainted the boots.


Here's the pre-boot change:






And here she is after the boots have been poorly basecoated over the green. Hoping to get to them tonight.





I think a Confrontation figure is next in line. Vladar the Arrogant. Going to have to do some freehand on his cloak.

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This a project with which I can relate; re, I have a horde or, to be more precise, dozen or so boxes of minis all based & base coated ready for attention. You may very well provide the stimulus to remedy the situation...or not.

Good luck with the effort & have FUN with it all.

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Cool figure and great job on her so far! 


*cheers on* this minivember thing is really catching on isn't it? :)

It took one brave crazy person to lead the charge and a couple more to follow and with all pom-poms and cheering available on these boards, it was bound to catch on! :bday:

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Got some more work done on Hayden. Hoping to finish her tonight. Need to do all the metals now.

I'm pleased with the decision to switch the boots from green to purple. The top was so alone in it's purpleness. I added more purple into the wrap on the axe haft and into the boots and now the figure looks a lot more cohesive. I also touched up the highlighting on the right hip and added a few more shade colors to the pants. I started repainting the eyes cuz they were horrible looking.

I've got a tripod showing up this weekend and am hoping to get some glamour shots of her after I touch up the base.






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      I finished Hayden up this weekend and then took some glamour shots with my tripod when it arrived on Sunday afternoon (still weirds me out Amazon delivers on Sunday). Overall, pretty pleased with how she turned out. I could definitely do more to the metals to make them stand out but I'm done with her and am moving on to other projects (namely the rest of my November Challenge and the Saladin bust).



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