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Valentine's Day Painting Contest - Rules and Discussion


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hopefully it is because i have absolutely no ideas or miniatures suitable for a Love theme, but I do have ones i could paint in Valentine-y colors


Struggling with that as well. 


I looked up St. Valentine (all three of him) seems he was beheaded? ...which is puzzling, because I thought the internet used to say he was executed by archery, made into a pin-cushion, and that's where the whole cupid thing came from.



(edit: But my remembry misremembered... ...St. Sebastian was the pin-cushion, only that didn't kill him [ ! ] then a christian lady —who was also later saintficated— carried him back to her place and nursed him back to health, because...


...heals all wounds or something. That way he could later be killed in some other nasty way that only Sir Robin's minstrels would find cheering. Apologies for the various invented words.)

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Can we start? Can we start? Yes, we can!


The first post in this thread has been edited to include full rules of the Valentine's Day Painting Contest! Get your brushes and paints ready ::):


If you have any questions about the rules or contest in general, ask here.

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My original idea revolved around two Non Reaper minis.




Hmmm, I got the feeling I can do something with Reaper minis too.., now to see if I can find the time to do it..


Also...my deployment to the USA is cancelled,, I will probably go to France instead..so I might be able to paint after all.

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Oooh, glad I saw this when I dropped by. I've got an idea.


Maybe not what the organizers had in mind but

It makes me smile ^_^

Pretty sure mine's a bit...atypical, as well.


My idea is also atypical.... but that's actually pretty typical for me... so my idea is typically atypical. ::P:

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