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Succubus (Used reaper paints for the first time)

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I normally use Apple barrel or folk art paints, but for my birthday (Oct) I got some minis, and they came with some free paint!

So her skin is Vampire Skin and the bright red is Fresh blood. The rest are craft paints :p I'm really cheap...

I'm really happy with her face, but not too keen on her shading. I used a different technique, kinda meh about it.


Link because shes NSFW


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The more I look at the picture the more mistakes I see. Blah!

Also is she NSFW? Do I need to mark it?


Nice job.

The eyes are good.


You might want to use a few more highlights on the horns, maybe a thin glaze of the medium skin colour over the body to smooth her out.


This is certainly a nice job.

Keep it up!!


You need to link the pic because of the nudity rules. ( for example through Imgur or photobucket)

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The more I look at the picture the more mistakes I see. Blah!

Also is she NSFW? Do I need to mark it?

Don't focus too much on the picture vs the naked eye. Pictures are always going to pick up things you won't notice otherwise.


I like the colour transition on the skin.


Keep up the good work!

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The more I look at the picture the more mistakes I see. Blah!

Also is she NSFW? Do I need to mark it?

Yes you mark it as NSFW and you LINK the pics to a photo hosting site like Imgr or Photobucket. The forum doesn't allow for nude pics as it's a family friendly place.

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