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One suggestion next time you do a base like this which I forgot to tell you in your wip thread. Use a rock or more bark to shape and sculpt the edges of the green stuff so it isn't flat or round or odd looking compared to the bark that sits atop it and blends into the environment you are building.

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Thank you for the votes and kind comments.

I came to really appreciate this mini a lot (Not only for the challenges, but also the possibilities).

My brother suggested that I stick him halfway in water, in a swamp...(seemed like a waste of a magnificent

Mini to me), but it might work for those folks that do Diorama's.  He said "not everyone fights on land, or mountains

you know..(submariners...sheesh).  Again, Appreciate your votes and cheering on.


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Good work, reminds me of the Dragonlance Half Elf (Tanis I think?) 

DSM has come out with a couple other fighters with sword a bow a little time back.

I think it is a fighter that looks just like the Ranger with Bow...looked awfully similar.

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I see you're putting your bark collection to good use. Neat stuff with the base and the composition. Those DarkSword minis have such skinny arms that even getting him assembled is an epic feat!

Thanks LittleBluberry !

I love the bark, but sadly I can't send it anywhere.  Seems bark is a no no on shipping.

I can't send it to lots a of places due to there may be a bug, fungus,  or something horrible in or on it.

I wanted to send some walnut bark to Canada..would never make it through customs, its forbidden.

I thought I was the only one that thought arm assembly was a bear, so I'm NOT wrong..lol

Still love the mini's though !

Thanks for your input !

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Thank You Chaoswolf !

I'm picking up techniques from our resident Barbarian.

Ub3r shares his ideas, and I try to make them mine.

The oak and black walnut bark are really making me happy.

Sadly, I can't ship it anywhere, its restricted from the mail.. grrrrr.

My neighbor had five Black walnut tress knocked down in the tornado/wind storm we had on Friday.

I have all the black walnut bark I can tear off, and there is a 1000 year oak that has come down 500 yards away.

So I need to go up with some plastic gallon bags and harvest some bark !

Glad you are enjoying my experimenting !


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Everything about this looks really lovely, but the boots are a real stand out to me. Well done, Jay!


I really like the composition you have going here. The variety of flowers and the way you have them positioned are really quite lovely.


Your highlighting transitions on the clothes are rough and a bit jarring. I'd like to see you doing more of a gradual transition between the mid-tone and the highlight.


ETA: I checked out your WIP to see if you'd listed what colours you used for the boots, but I see it wasn't a full WIP and you did not. Mind divulging your leather secrets?

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