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Altered the trolls mallets a bit.




Basecoated some dwarves.  The archers paint scheme is the first that I'm not super happy with but I think it will do.  Unlike the first two tries.




Visited my brother over the weekend and after showing my nephew the hills I made out of the foam I got from his family for Christmas as well as some based 10mm stuff he insisted that the orcs be reinforced by a 28mm version and the dwarves would get a big stompy robot.



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Lines removed from LotR as being too silly.  "Orcsssssss we haaaateeees them.  They squirt lemon juice in our eyes.  Yeesss.  My Preciousssss."





But maybe I can do lidless eyes (which I tried before and didn't like)...  This is just practice before I paint the shields to cover my messy drybrushing.




Opinions?  Do people like the large or smaller "eyelashes"?  

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Made a lot of progress in basing the units.










I think the orcs need some kind of wash on the dirt and probably add some flock too.  Not as much stuck to the filler compared to the textured paint on the dwarves.  You might notice that the bases of the armored dwarves needed the filler.  


After that, I'll add a couple turfs to each base.

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Incoming photo dump


Put a wash on the orc bases and then put on some tufts to try and hid any bases that were showing.
Then I took some closeups.  Probably should have put a 28mm figure there for scale.
Half Trolls
Wolf riders
Armored and Mounted Dwarves
Double handed axes



Put some base coats on the command figs.  Also need to work on flags and pendants which I've never done before.  Any advice?
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      I'm a little late in posting these, but this year I made a concentrated effort to try to paint orcs and only orcs for October, both to participate in the loose ceremony of "Orctober" and because I really need to finally paint some Orcs for the table. I started out trying some contrast paint for the first time and I didn't really like how the skin tone came out on the first model so I started experimenting. I tried many combinations of basecoat colors, thinning the contrast paint, inks, highlighting and glazing, and different washes. Not all of these even look that different, but I enjoy the subtle variations going on in the theory that, like humans, not all orcs are going to look exactly the same. It was fun experimenting, and I'm looking forward to painting the rest of the Orc crew next year.

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      I had a little bit of time on Saturday to continue with my Prince August orcish warband (guess it’s an Orctober surprise), finishing some speedy work on three figures.  All three of these are from Prince August mold #655.

      I had never successfully cast these figures before this summer, so I was interested to see that the face designs on the shields are just the sort of thing I freehand onto flat orc shields.
      That brings me up to nine, but I’m going to need three or four more to field a 300 point warband for A Song of Blades and Heroes.  The real use of home cast figures is to provide bulk at low costs rather than individual skirmish game show pieces, and these guys are likely to be eventually subsumed into larger units.  After priming I found a few places where I could have done a better job cleaning up mold lines and such.  
      The fourth figure is a Prince August human barbarian from earlier in the summer, just to show the relative scale of the orcs against the humans.  
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