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Boerogg Blackrime, Frost Giant Jarl (77106) (Bones)

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Very Cool ( no pun intended).


They are great ( again no pun intended)



Thanks, Xherman!  Unintended puns are always appreciated.  :lol:




great job, not the colors I would have chosen, but great.



Thank you, viking hank!   I was trying to go for a kind of Eskimo look.

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Very nicely done, and congrats on almost finishing the whole set!


Thanks on both counts, Chaoswolf! :)


Interesting choice of colors.  They worked out well!


Was there any inspiration for that particular color scheme?


Thanks, Lidless Eye.  My general inspiration was Eskimo outfits/costumes.   I did a quick Google search to put the general colors into my head. 

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Whoaaa, he looks great with this coloring! It gives him a whole different vibe.


I like how you painted the thongs and leathery bits and put those crystals on his base.


Thank you, Pingo!  I really don't like to look at too many painted examples before I tackle a figure as I feel it influences my ideas towards colors too much.  So with these, not having seen any other painted versions, I painted them as I saw them, which was as very Eskimo inspired figures.

   The crystals are pieces of light blue sea-glass I purchased. I thought they gave a nice icy look


Very nice!  I gotta go paint me some!  I ran Against the Giants campaign last year and wish I had these...


Thank you, Nightwing!  The Bones Giants are a lot of fun to paint.

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