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[SPLIT] Vortex Shakers


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My Typhoon vortex mixer arrived this weekend. I'm sorry I waited so long to order one. Each bottle of my Reaper paints mixed in 3-5 seconds. The army painter stuff is thicker than most, and took up to 10 seconds. Scalecolor also took 10 - 15 seconds for some bottles, but those weren't open yet and they fill them to capacity. Having a little room for things to move around helps a lot.


The only real problem I had with anything was the Vallejo Liquid Gold series paints. These are alcohol based instead of water based, and the flakes are real metal. This means they all turn to heavy sludge in the bottom of the bottle after sitting for a while. I've never been able to mix these without using a stick to scrape everything off the bottom, then shake for several minutes. With the vortex mixer, I tried one bottle with just shaking for one minute but it was not enough.  For the next bottle, I took a couple seconds with a stick to break the bottom loose, and everything mixed up quickly (10 seconds or so) like the rest of the paints in my collection. It took longer to clean the stick than it did to mix the paint.


This thing is awesome. It makes shaking up the paints a breeze, no strain on my hands at all.

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Congrats on your excellent acquisition. Do you think adding one or two hematite beads to the Vallejo liquid gold paints would help? I've never bought that range of paints or I'd try it out myself.


Thank you, I'm glad I picked it up.


I have a small handful of the hematite beads, but I don't know how they react to alcohol. I've dropped one into an old cleaned out bottle full of isopropyl alcohol and will watch it for a week or so and see if I notice any changes. I'd hate to ruin a bottle the stuff trying it out.


The mixer really whips that bead around the bottle when there's nothing in it but alcohol.  ::o:


The sludge in the bottom of those bottles is pretty heavy. I give it about a 50% chance the beads could get stuck in the sediment. If this bottle still looks good this weekend I'll add a couple beads to a Liquid Gold bottle and see how it does.


Unless the forumites can assure me that hematite doesn't react poorly with alcohol.

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I just heard from Robert again today. He's the guy that reconditions these and re-sells them as Typhoon mixers. He goes by the username "hugdctr" on the bay of e. He's out of stock right now, but if you message him, he says he can still get orders together. 


I really dig that a fellow painter is rebuilding these things and making them available. If you mention that you saw my post, I won't get a commission or anything, but I may get warm fuzzy feelings for helping out another gamer.

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Robert also makes sure that none of his vortex mixers are 'hot' when he acquires them.  He has a friend who can recycle those if they are too irradiated for safe use

That's an excellent thing to remember, no matter where you buy your mixer.  In theory, any hot ones should not be entering the resale stream, but some resellers may not realize what they're doing.

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