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Frostgrave Warband, Ejrvindr the Far Seeing & Dagrun Arnholdt'sdottir


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So I am finally starting to work on my Warband, using the minis fro Tre Manor's Warriors of the Frozen North...

Never having played Frostgrave before, I am starting out with the Wizard and his apprentice, as those 2 I know I will need....


Wizard is Ejrvindr the Far Seeing:

post-14271-0-23559100-1479185656_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-91074300-1479185656_thumb.jpg


Apprentice is Dagrun Arnholdt's dottir:

post-14271-0-65925300-1479185657_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-33671800-1479185658_thumb.jpg


Not sure what the rest of the band will be....

2 archers, a thief, a Barbarian, and 4 thugs is my thought right now....




Thanks for looking!



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Ejvinder you could paint like the soothsayer in asterix comic.

You mean Getafix the Druid?


Nope, Prolix, the soothsayer. Googling "Asterix soothsayer" without the character's name got me this




It's what I planned for the mini, but fate conspired to keep it out of my hands for now.

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So I worked on them a bit at paint day...

Worked out the eyes with GW Scorched Brown, then Linen white, and Tesla Blue...

(Darn tiny eyes, half hidden by cowls/ hair...)

Then their skin...

Arabic shadow, Arabic Shadow and Basic Flesh, Basic Flesh...


post-14271-0-11993000-1479706049_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-94618200-1479706049_thumb.jpg


Thanks for looking!

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