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Fantasy Maps, The Shops!! 12 Shops for your town

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Hi Guys , I am Back for some new stuff! In this campaign you will find your most popular shops in order to create you're own Town.

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About this project

Hi Guys!!

In here you will find High resolution ( 300 DPI ) fantasy maps for you're own fantasy settings.

Theses maps will come in PDF or JPEG'S, With And without Grids of 1 inch=5 feet scale.

The  general store & church will come with some bonus adventuring parts, so you can create some mystery in your'e town.

I lowered the price for the rewards cause I want to take my time and not deliver too late ( still have some arts to finish from the previous campaign but I must prepare for another one ;-)

The picture you see in the presentation is just to show you the quality of the shops you will get , cause the image used is a map I already made for a previous campaign and not include in this one  ( well it could but you would have to buy the previous campaign reward)  

Stretch goals are not announced yet  but they will when we reach the 1000$

I want to create this campaign to be able to build an entire city...so this his campaign #1 of 2 or 3.

Future campaign will bring a castle , some houses, the wizard school and probably some farms and other shops.

Feel free to ask questions about this project by sending me a message.

I will try to be active as much as possible in the comment threads! 

and by the way if there his some misspelling from my part, please understand that my primary language is French loll.

Have fun with the campaign  and hope we can reach many backers!

( The campaign is short and the time required a bit higher than usual to make sure we make it on time )



 ( theses Image are from previous campaign , so not in this current campaign...its just to show you what level of details and quality you will get ) 






 Its 10h50 PM and I'm starting the horse seller...I'm posting a very simple image of my work ...started 30 min ago..laying down the basics..


 Slowly building up..adding details it's 23h50 

getting late and gotta go to work early tomorrow...will keep you updated when we get further....thinking about the first stretch goal at 1000$ already..that was fast loll


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I backed a couple of this guy's Kickstarters and I'm backing this one, too. The guy's spelling and grammar is a bit ... creative (might be a non-native English speaker like me) ... but he's a really nice guy and (depending on one's personal taste) his maps are very nice, too. Furthermore, the price-point is quite attractive and he delivers fast. He's also willing to accommodate feedback.



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