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Converting Weapons and Warriors Ships for Gaming

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Ah!  It's nice to see the closer-up shots of the brigantines.  The fortress looks excellent!  (I love how the central building has that stucco-ish look.  It almost makes me think of a "Spanish mission" look somehow from the colors, which I suppose would be all the more appropriate for piracy in the Caribbean.)


For the main masts of the brigantine, one of them (the one with the "crow's nest) is made to "break away" as part of the original "target game" (wherein spring-loaded balls would be shot in an attempt to knock the enemy's miniatures around -- and the "target cannons" were just that: more "targets" to hit within the brigantine boat models).  I experimented a bit with the mast; on my lateen-sail boat, it was replaced entirely, making the problem with the "breakaway" feature a moot point.  For two of my brigantines (the ones with the brown and blue hulls) I ended up snipping off the top mast, trimming off excess plastic (and removing the huge "crow's nest" entirely), and then I used a pinning drill to insert some wire to reinforce the two mast pieces when I reattached them.  On one, I used some hobby wire to wrap around as "rope" in an attempt to disguise the joining part, with mixed success.


For the other one (the one with the red hull), I just left the crow's nest on, and tried to pin and glue everything firmly in place.  It still serves a purpose as a crow's nest since, after all, it was originally able to hold a mini there.  The spot houses figures with 20mm square and 25mm round bases fairly well.  It can handle a 25mm square base with a little effort, as the corners can fit into those gaps in the "rails" around the crow's nest section.  Alas, it's too small to neatly handle 30mm round lipped miniatures such as used for Chronoscope (let alone the new GW 32mm round base size).

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