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Maledrakh's Minivember #18 & #19. Circle of Chaos Chirrik, Friki and Diki

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For Minivember I will try to do a different model each day (duplicates or similar models (from the same unit or suchlike still only count as one!).

If you want to see the rest of my minivember minis, feel free to have a look at my painting blog..I won't be posting each and every one here, just the Reaper minis and maybe some that I find especially interesting. Yes, they will be speedpaints, just like all my minis. Seeing as I am starting out a week late, I have some catching up to do...


Continuing on with the Circle of Chaos warband off kickstarter:


Chirrik seems to be some sort of mutated Skaven or rat-beastman.





This mini  is truly chaotic and ...busy, and was most difficult to read, as it were. With its miniature arms, the eyestalks, tailweapon and flapping cloak-things all over the place. The busy-ness quieted a bit down as I painted it, each bit gaining definition and appearing before my eyes. (And that odd strip of fur turned out to be a pocket-watch!)



Friki and Diki



The Night Goblin netters and clubbers are a staple of 3rd ed warhammer, and here reimagined for Realm of Chaos oldhammer too. Friki with the net and Diki with the club.



This pair counts as one for Minivember. Chirrik and the Friki Diki pair are Minivember numbers 18 and 19, and lo I am up to date.


Chirrik, Friki and Diki

From the Circle of Chaos Warband kickstarter

by Curtis Fell


30mm bases



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What a WONDERFULLY bizarre Trio you have created. They are DELIGHTFULLY strange, SPLENDIDLY painted & based. VERY WELL DONE!

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