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Sharkbelly's Projects

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Thanks! The small boat on the beach is from Games of War (gamesofwar.net)


The two smaller ships are converted from Weapons and Warriors.


The mid-sized ones are Playmobil Pirate Dinghies.


The largest ship in the background is a resin model from Merrimack/Old Glory.

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Can you show some pics of the individual units/pieces?


I see some interesting stuff there that needs more examining!


Crocodile? Boatshaped Wagon? The Forgeworld Ship with wheels?


Awesome collection!!!

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Good catch! That is indeed the Marienburg Landship from Forge World. It's the most expensive model I have ever bought, but it fit so well with my theme I had to get it. Now that it is out of production, I'm glad I did.









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Here is Sharkbelly, the ogre pirate captain. This is the model that started the whole pirate theme, When GW released him and the leadbelchers, I was hooked.





The giant cannon counts as an ironblaster. It is accompanied by six leadbelchers and a firebelly.

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