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Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts - Plastic Miniatures Wargame

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Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts - Plastic Miniatures Wargame

About this project


Heavy Gear: Dreadnoughts is an exciting new tabletop miniatures wargame simulating fleet-level battles in the far future. Control armadas of landships, massive hovering fortresses bristling with weapons & troops. To achieve victory, you must wisely manage your army to not only deliver punishing bombardments, but also to launch air missions, command ground forces, and provide repair and recovery resources to damaged units.






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Please post links to photos in any post but the first. Otherwise the links may break when the Tags statuses are updated.

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It's Pod 9 who owns the IP for HeavyGear Blitz, and would have to renew the license. 

And they still haven't updated their website. 

(you can still read "Additionally, the paint set or individual paints from the set can be ordered directly from Reaper Miniatures" - with the Reaper name a link to Reaper's online store - in their description of the HGB Paint set. )

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That's correct, Gadgetman. Dream Pod 9 runs the Heavy Gear Blitz license. I'm Brandon Fero, collaborator, writer, proofer, and tester for Heavy Gear Dreadnoughts, and also the mouthpiece, so to speak, for the game. I'm also writing with Arkrite Press LLC in regards to the RPG SDX ruleset.


I've been discussing with DP9 staff about renewing the license with Reaper for the paints, after grabbing the last bottles of metallics from the line off Ebay.


Hopefully, over the next few days, in between all the rushing around to share and answer questions, I can get back in touch with DP9 with some paint sets that are more affordable than the current box. That would be a boon, I think.


In regards to the pictures:






Fusion Core Studios has already popped some prototypes of the Susano-O, and the Khagan, and compared them to their constituent 1/2400-scale naval models.


Some pics follow.






These are just prototypes at this time.


For more information about the game, I also updated with some of the updates from the Kickstarter here on my blog, directly from Fusion Core's updates, regarding how the game will shape up.


That link is here: http://heavygearthunderrun.blogspot.com/2016/11/what-is-heavy-gear-dreadnoughts-about.html


If anyone has any other questions that I can answer, I'll be more than happy to.


Thank you.

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Well, we're just passed 58 percent funded, and steadily moving onwards.


Here's a preview of one of the later Stretch Goals, the Borasco carrier.



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Project cancelled. Briefly read the update, but didn't quite see what happened. Looks like they will make some demo rules, and put more emphasis on troops rather than ships. Should it go that way in the next incarnation, I won't back. I was in it for the big ships.

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