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Old Nan WIP, Jasonator out on a limb again.

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Hey Gang,

I'm messing around with Old Nan, sculpted by Tom Meier.  I tend to experiment the heck out of his sculpts.

This one is no exception.  I am staying in the darker more subdued browns/greens as I go about this figure.

It has been primed, brown lined, I've used black walnut over the brown shadows.  Darker blues where the figure is blueish,

and the shine on the apron is black walnut, a touch of Orange, yellow, and Bronze.  I kind of really like that look.  She has eyes, and face and hands.  Need to start looking at highlights, and refinement.  Keeping in mind how small this one is,

(not much bigger than a quarter) any suggestions/Comments ?


I've put two days of painting on her.








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I like the color selections and muted tones. Make sure to line the bottom of her dress between the darker and lighter purples at some point with a darker color.

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Great idea RobinH,

28 mm, is a bear to work with normally, but we'll see.

I'll try to do some darkening, and dry brushing to see how that goes.  Thanks for input !

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Sat down to do some mid-tones, next thing I know I am taking on every colour on my palette !

Moving shadow UP, moving them DOWN, re-think this colour, maybe a touch of black Walnut in here to tone it down.

Four hour has gone by, I better eat something.  May snow tonight, or just be rain.  Temps are going to be close to freezing.

So here is old Nan as she now looks.  Worked on face, gray hair, and dress hemline, brought some richer greens into play.

She's rounding out , and coming to life.








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I have spent another pile of hours (as the rain turned to snow, and it is 32 degree's outside)

Looks like a sleep in morning.. (that 0800 for me).  Moving and stabilizing color's at the moment.

Taking in Robin's ideas and trying to get more character in the face, and enhancing the colors in the rest of

the figures.


Let me know what you think !











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Put in a couple more hours on Old Nan this morning.  I'm not too sure if I am painting her,

or badgering her to conform to what I see in my head.  Old dearie is changing a lot.

Think I got the face the way I like it now. Mellowed out some the shadows, and highlights.

On something this small you have to go with a bit of impressionist painting to (in English) "fool the Eye".

I like it, now to start shifting gears to the base.  She has touch ups to go through yet.

So Here is where Old Nan stands now.

Thoughts ?








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i like the face..  It has more character now,


As to where she is standing...hummmm


in a park looking over at the young lover and dreaming of bygone days???



Basically you could make a gravel path with a small bench which she is standing beside with grass.

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Do you have a door ( like the ones from heroquest)?


She could be standing in front of that on the doorsteps.


Or she could be at a lake..


Many possibilities.


Maybe even have her standing in front of a gravestone, mourning her late husband or something.

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I've gone along with Xherman1964's idea.

So as I work out all the little details, I took a couple snapshots of my preparation.

I also wanted to show how small she is at this stage.  Its easy for me to think big,

than reality hits.."think small, but big statements".

So here is Old Nan next to a quarter, and a photo of the headstone which may be surrounded by autumn leaves,

fresh snow, and Nan remembering her Ned. 

Whatcha think ?



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I feel honoured you used my idea!


And you executed it well.


There is a lot of emotion in this small piece!


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