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Kraken Scatter Terrain - for 28 mm tabletop wargames

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High quality cast resin scatter terrain that enriches your gaming table and fits perfect to the Kraken mat.

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About this project

Hi, we are Kraken Wargames. We bring you high quality resin cast scatter terrain that enriches your gaming table and fits perfect to the Kraken mat. We are here to redefine your gaming experience, and we need: 
YOUR help to release the Kraken!


 Pledge Level: Scrap pile set

0d5b275591c9722fff71d3b3bf88f44b_originaScrap pile set (35,- €)

 It consists of:

1d2532bf9b1c38df944d9a5913f2b9e8_originaScrap piles small set


0cd7815cf30db5a6350359db8794f25a_originaScrap piles medium set


8581f4058b90236a660ade2d83260303_originaScrap piles large set

Pledge Level: Barricade set

bcdd5c02c8385992e71d8b341f56e807_originaBarricade set (31,- €)


cdaa1f4155a9146f892a5183b95be20a_originaBarricade set together

 Pledge Level: Scrap supply set

61db5cf1dd21f38a1b57525c7d22f59d_originaScrap supply set (21,- €)

It consists of:

3312ed8e1749feb38588df9dd2222ec9_originaScrap supply set with bases


14d2089e79f24411847d164bb8ae45ba_originaScrap supply set without bases

Pledge Level: All terrain sets

a954790f6607c038ce845f4f7022db4c_originaFull scatter terrain set (81,- €)
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