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There are many things to enjoy about the miniature and I feel any gamer will pick it up for closer inspection due to this attention to detail:


  • The striped pants not only provide a good contrast to the other colours used, they also don't take over the entire model due to a suboptimal selection of garish colours for the stripes. Subdued, yet well highlighted to clearly differentiate the stripes leads to a visually satisfying outcome.
  • The light colour variation between boots and top of boots is a neat detail. I could imagine the inside is turned outside for these parts, with the leather being just slightly lighter.
  • The overall composition Green /White/Straw is quite striking without being over the top. This results in a very naturalistic, subdued appearance suited well to the travelling adventurer, used to camp rough.
  • The face, the most important part of a miniature, at least for me, is subtly highlighted to pronounce the well sculpted facial features. He reminds me of an actor, but I can't put my finger on it.
  • The wood grain effect really elevates this miniature and I think I will use this on my own miniatures. I presume you just paint lines with slightly diluted paint?
  • The NMM on the sword is well executed and the blade looks cold, shiny and sharp.


Some suggestion for improvement:


  • I think the hair would benefit from some deeper shadows to delineate the strains of hair more.
  • In comparison to the excellent paintjob the base is a bit boring. Maybe add some brushes here and there or some spot where the soil or a rock come through. Fallen leaves etc. might also add to the visual appeal without detracting from the miniature.
  • While the NMM is very convincing, I wonder if a final blue glaze would benefit the effect (maybe try this one in photoshop with a colour filter first, as it could well be not work as I imagine).
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i have to second the hair critique.  looks like a full head of brown hair with a dozen white ones.  doesn't quite look done up to the standard set by the rest of that beautiful mini.  i'd probably just pull the highlights down a bit, but i'm a **** painter, so i'm sure you have a better solution than i do.

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Yeah, I'm not happy with the hair either.  I considered going back and trying some darker glazes to bring the white highlights down, but ultimately I wasn't willing to much more time into the commission and used my time on the NMM instead. 


The woodgrain was just quick strokes with thinned down light brown from my smallest brush (size 000 windsor & newton series 7).  I then did some edge highlighting on it before hitting it with an auburn glaze to soften the grain some.


The actual blue lines on the pants only took about 10 minutes.  I had base coated them tan and then did the stripes with a relatively thin (but non-runny) lines of dark blue.  I only had to trim them back down with tan in a couple places, so it didn't eat up too much time.  Afterward, I did some highlighting on the tan parts only.  When that dried, I did a quick glaze over all the stripes with the same tan basecoat, being careful to soak up any places on the blue section that obscurred the lines too much.  The whole process on the pants probably took 45 minutes.

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