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CAV SO: Ritterlich Cougar 72208


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Hi everyone!


It's been a while since I have posted something, but here we go!


I have decided to take a break from my terrans and try something new.  There were several new techniques I had been wanting to try, including camouflage, washes, and edging.  I also wanted more practice with OSL and jeweling now that I had purchased some Matte medium. I had been going back and forth about how I wanted to paint my ritterlich force, when I came across this wonderfully painted starship fleet over at triple zero painting:




I was blown away by this paint scheme and had wanted to do some camo for awhile, but nothing I had seen so far in the CAV realm really stuck with me.  This was my answer!


I started out by airbrushing my force with Reaper Breonne Blue.  I let it dry and applied the sticky tack as explained in the article, then airbrushed with Ashen Blue.  Note: If you do this, you need to be very careful to make sure the sticky tack is flush against the model, or the top color will bleed underneath.  I had to do a lot of cleaning up, but this is how it turned out:




To get the crevasses nice and dark, I applied a wash of 1:1 navy blue/black, with some water and matte medium to thin it out.  This was my first time applying a wash and I think it came out pretty well (though the photo is crap)




Next came the highlighting.  I don't have a photo of just this phase for the cougar, but here are some Tiamat legs which were my test piece:




Highlights were achieved by mixing each blue with Reaper Misty Grey in a 1:1 ratio, with some matte medium to thin it out once again (that stuff is fantastic!)


I realized almost immediately that I had made a terrible mistake in terms of time commitment... there were so many edges.


However, I think the final product came out pretty darn cool.  I am really proud of this one!







C and C welcome!  I would like to go over the jewling one more time, and if anyone has any recommendations for a good spray matte sealer I am all ears.  Going forward I will be doing these in a more assembly line fashion than one at a time, but  I needed a test piece first :)

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