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77186: Tiik Warrior (BONES)


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Alistair looked at the ring he had discovered in his master's study.  The etching upon it have him some idea of how it worked, and he could not wait to test it out.  He placed the ring upon his finger, and dove from the cliff into the quiet sea below.  It took only a moment, and the magic took hold.  He could breath underwater, just as easily as he could sitting at the table studying.  He glided through the blue-green waters of the Glistening Straight, sinking deeper and deeper.  Soon, he could see barely a foot in front of his face.  Weaving a simple light spell, he illuminated the immediate area.  As he touched down on the ocean floor, he was filled with excitement.  What treasures lurked here, unseen for so long.  He moved towards a large shadowy outcropping, discovering the remnants of a ship.  Excitement again washed over him as he scrambled into the hold.  In the distance, a faint pin point of light, just out of his illuminated radius.  As he moved towards it, it seemed to withdrawl.  Canceling his own source, he began to swim towards the faint light.  Slowly it grew brighter.  Suddenly, it was bright as a flash and he was stunned, captivated by the beauty of it.  Until he felt the claws dig into his side.  He tried to scream but was cut short.  Darkness consumed him, and then silence.



I painted this one up as a continuation of an underwater scenario I am planning for my players.  There are now six of these in total that I will be painting.  This was the first that I completed today while chatting on the hangouts. Hope you like it!







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