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77193: Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage


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I agree, the face came out beautifully. I am glad to see, that you got one where the face was cast well. My one has a nose problem and a scar...I may need to head swap unfortunatly.


I love your colour composition, all very much in line with the overall ice/snow theme and the snowflake freehand is also a nice touch.


If I think about it, there is one thing that would improve it: add a spell effect to her hand. I recommend to take a bit of translucent plastic, cut a suitable shape out of it and fasten it to the hand. Now cover this with acrylic gloss medium that has been lightly tinted with blue. Repeat with a lighter tint and then clear acrylic gloss gel. This should give you a nice ice spell effect. The medium needs to be a bit thicker so that you can shape it. You could make the spell red or green, too, to have a contrasting element.


That all said this is one of my favourite minis this month, I really love that harmony of colours you achieved and her face really has character or lets say a mischievous expression.


I am working on my one at the moment, but did change her staff with a curved dagger and plan to add a blood spell effect to her hand. So your one is the friendly version it seems ;). Such a pitty my face did not come out well in the casting process, but maybe I can rescue her with some Greenstuff.

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Thanks everyone! 


i was originally worried about the face because the tips of her nose and chin were flawed.  I was able to smooth out the chin with my exacto knife and just hit the tip of her nose with a few extra layers of paint to build it up a bit more.


I was going for a silvery look on her hair, but I don't think the lines were quite smooth enough to reflect this with the bright highlights.  The stony look works too - in my weekly D&D game she is the shapeshifted form of a silver dragon who just met the party hours before I put the finishing touches on her.


I considered that a spell effect would look good in her raised hand, but I'm not confident enough in my sculpting abilities to make one that would look right.  I'm a little disappointed in the fingers on her right hand, but maybe a spell effect could have covered that.  For her purpose in my game, I think the less flashy empty hand works a little better - she's in disguise after all.

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