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Maledrakh's Minivember #24: The Tyrant of Halpi Dungeon Saga Dragon


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that is a lovely paint job - I like the wings and back crest  especially. 

I don't really like the sculpting on the belly, but I have no problem with the dragons bulk. 

It is a little twisty looking, but that just gives it a unique feeling. 


nice job for a quick paint - the belly scales are a little rough, but you are on a roll this month. 

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I love the harmonious colors, how you brought some violet into the blue of the wings and blues over the violets of its scales and face, with just a hint of flame in the reds.


This dragon is sculpted in a style and an aesthetic that isn't fashionable right now. It's thick and impressionistic, a little caricatured, a little clumsy looking. It looks more likely to roll and crush someone than sleekly coil around them.


That doesn't make it bad, just out of the ordinary run of dragons.

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