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Dice Tower And Tray II


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About this project

We started A&G Wood Working to fill a need of affordable dice towers to the gamer's that are just like us. We would see dice towers for hundreds of dollars and feel that it wasn't fair to a gamer who would rather spend that money on games. We started making them one at a time and selling them and we personally saw that its possible to provide towers at an affordable cost. This project has a low funding rate to help us grow our shop to do more kick starters in the future, but at the same time giving people affordable dice towers.  This is our second Kick starter; already having one successfully funded and delivered on under our belt, this Kick starter is to expand, and be able to host a web site. All of our towers come with trays that the tower folds down in to, making it easy to store.Standing up the tower is 6" inches tall by 3"  by 3" , the tray is 7, so it fits snug in there. The measurements are in inches and it doesn't even weigh a pound. This may differ from the thickness of the wood, but not by much. Here are a few pics of our dice towers and wood we are starting to work with.

12b09814598fb407786e209041afd0c3_originaSolid Walnut Dice Tower and Tray


2086e2f024a57ce952653dfa7d832694_originaSolid Padauk Tower And Tray


852864d23cc687222ad4ced3dfbb672d_originaSolid Cherry Dice Tower And Tray


bddb032779ffa26435553c97f55d1f93_originaSolid Purple Heart DIce Tower And Tray

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