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DSM-5080 Old Nan

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It is a BEAUTIFUL & touching piece. VERY WELL DONE, my friend!

Thanks Malefactus,

Its not like what I would normally do, but I really got into the feeling levels on this miniature.

Putting it together was really a lot of challenge.  Her size was the first to overcome, then just

getting the focus on her face and the emotions there. 

Thanks for your most appreciated comments. 

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Wow, what a composition! The mini and the base have come together splendidly.


"It was that day again. The year had been hard, harder than most in everyway. Old Nan climbed the hill top with the familiarity she wished she never had of the rarely trodden path of the cemetery. She cleaned the vines and weeds from the grave and arranged the flowers she brought as best as she could all the while remembering all the happy days that she thought that would never end."

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great choice for basing jay!


The emotions and the wistful look come together to tell the story of an old lady in the fall of her life thinking back on her youth.

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Thank you , my friends, for your kind and gracious input.

The basing started to feel right once I painted that piece of bark to look like stone,  and

then wrote NED  NAN on it.  I didn't know if I could get six letter on there or not!  LOL.

Once that stone was attached it all started working together.  Was a lot of fun, accomplishment,

and learning.  The little short WIP helped a great deal to get this together.  Thanks everyone for their

input.  Evocative, and life story was my goal.  I love that look in her face as she stares away, suddenly feeling

the cold.  Moves me. 

Thanks again.


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A former co-worker friend of mine, was the recipient of an email with a copy of the Old Nan Photo's.

She just wrote me back five minutes ago... Her Words were : OMG !!!




Hey, I'm a slow learner I guess.  ROFL.

Had to share that one.

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This is a beautiful piece.


By that I mean not just the artistry (which is very good as well), but by the story it's telling.

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This is a beautiful, melancholy little piece. The soft colors and the emotions go rightly together.


And congratulations on doing so well on that tiny, tiny face.

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