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The Lurkin Gherkin

Home brew campaign and RPG minis

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That is fantastic - I especially love the boat terrain that you built.  Great job!!!!


Thanks a heap, it was quick and dirty but did the job



Sounds like it was a blast.


Yeah it was great fun, looking forward to running another campaign after I get my hands on Ma'al Drakar




Who makes that big blue dragon?


Its a carmine dragon from forge world, I used to use it as my High Elf Prince's mount, but since warhmamer kind of blew up it's now my resident dragon for RPGs

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It's great to see the minis being used as they were meant to. ::):


Cheers! They were great inspiration for the campaign. It was fun weaving them in to odd environments an situations


Im so jealous.. Great painting to match an even greater campaign... Yes I'm very jealous now..


Thanks very much!


Cool figures, and the terrain 9especially that portal) is pretty neat, too!


The portal was a lot of fun to make, my father-in-law made me a foam cutter (like an absolute boss) and so I cut a heap of foam to look like tentacles and a gateway. Then I found chain at a jewelry store so and placed it so that the gate looked as if it were chained shut. I made a little putty lock in the centre for the gate to be "locked" 


I love seeing minis being used in game! more pics!


Hahaha, cheers! Yeah I'm planning on adding more pics soon! :)

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That is a FANTASTIC array of FINELY painted gaming pieces. OUTSTANDING WORK!

They bring back some nice memories of all those minis I did for my Old Gaming Group long ago.

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Mooooorrrre minis!!!!


So here's some more pics of the minis I have used in campaigns gone by. Plus there's some new minis I plan to use for a campaign in the near future.

I've always had a pretty dodgy phone until recently, so now that I can take proper photos I'm keen to catalogue my collection.

Cheers from Aus!







































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So I reckon I found something interesting for mini photography. With neural networks and image merging on https://deepart.io/I merged a photo of an antipaladin with a sketch, going from this:



To this:



I'm experimenting with different sketches to find the perfect one to merge with pictures of minis and it's great fun seeing the output. I'm keen to make some stylized sketches of my minis. I've tried merging them with paintings but with little success so far. 


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Going from the miniature to the conception sketch is an interesting idea. It certainly produces a SPLENDID drawing. VERY NICELY DONE!

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    • By Shadespyre
      Hello Reaper friends!  You might remember I did a whole tribe of Hill Giants on a display board, with hex bases?
      This is my follow up to that, this time: Stone Giants.
      Errrm, it all got a bit out of hand, and I'd LOVE some input from you all, please
      This is where I'm at after a week and I'm a bit stuck tbh.

      I think I need to decide more about what the "finish" will look like before I go a lot further. Once I cover that foam with more than paint it's going to be harder to make changes. I'm thinking of sort of "cladding" it in pieces of slate, with sculpted  bits / groundwork in the gaps?
      I'd also love to hear suggestions for other miniatures and features to add to the scene to break up those big open rocky spaces. Current extra bits and bobs are just there for a sense of scale and how extra minis might "interrupt" or "enhance" the scene.
      Some next steps though:
      - cork around the hexes on the platforms for the bases to fit into
      - some sort of "door frame"
      - "box in" the sides (which are cut out of a continuing mountainside, in my head at least)
      Please, rain your ideas and encouragements upon me!
    • By MoonglowMinis
      Help! I'm hating this paintjob.
      I grabbed this demilich thinking it'd be a fun and easy paintjob. But everything I do makes me hate it more.

      I was trying to go for a green flame look, so yellow on the inside, and gradually darker green highlights on the outside. These were drybrushed and then cleaned up by hand. I think this is where the problem started because it's not reading as fire. It just looks like a blobby mess?
      Should I just scrap it and start over with more of an ethereal glow that's darker in the middle and lighter on the edges?
      I also am not happy with the base. I've never painted a 2D base before, I've always added some kind of texturing material. And although I'm reasonably satisfied with how the base looks on the summoning circle behind the demilich, it looks so bad on the demilich base. And I think my green glow isn't helping. 
      And finally the Bones. I imagined that if there was a green light behind the Bones then they'd be tinted green and darker on the outside. Again .. this just doesn't look right.
      I'm normally fairly confident in my painting abilities, but I think I've landed in unfamiliar territory and I'm just not sure how to salvage or proceed. What can I do?
    • By Otyugh
      This is my filthy first.
      I finally gave in and purchased one of the Bones figures. It is the otyugh-ish filth beast by Bob Ridolfi.

      It is a big change from the metal minis I usually purchase. The material is way bendy, almost like a green Gumby toy.

      The coolest thing is the way it is baka yoke, and all the pieces are "keyed" to a hole. I would have to try really hard to mess up the assembly on this one!

    • By MoonglowMinis
      First time showing something off on the forums! Normally only post to my instagram @MoonglowMinis
      Had a blast painting this one up! Had to tap into my painterly side to get the glow effect I wanted and to transition the plating down to the end of the tail where there was no sculpted detail. 
      Hope you all like it!


    • By Iridil
      Here is a set of five zombies I painted up - first 2 are wizkids and I found I did not really like the sculpt, a sort of Elvis pirate looking zombie. Second three are a mix of a wizkid and two reaper zombies. Quick paint ups for the table - being fortune to have an in-house group to play with!


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