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Home brew campaign and RPG minis

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That is fantastic - I especially love the boat terrain that you built.  Great job!!!!


Thanks a heap, it was quick and dirty but did the job



Sounds like it was a blast.


Yeah it was great fun, looking forward to running another campaign after I get my hands on Ma'al Drakar




Who makes that big blue dragon?


Its a carmine dragon from forge world, I used to use it as my High Elf Prince's mount, but since warhmamer kind of blew up it's now my resident dragon for RPGs

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It's great to see the minis being used as they were meant to. ::):


Cheers! They were great inspiration for the campaign. It was fun weaving them in to odd environments an situations


Im so jealous.. Great painting to match an even greater campaign... Yes I'm very jealous now..


Thanks very much!


Cool figures, and the terrain 9especially that portal) is pretty neat, too!


The portal was a lot of fun to make, my father-in-law made me a foam cutter (like an absolute boss) and so I cut a heap of foam to look like tentacles and a gateway. Then I found chain at a jewelry store so and placed it so that the gate looked as if it were chained shut. I made a little putty lock in the centre for the gate to be "locked" 


I love seeing minis being used in game! more pics!


Hahaha, cheers! Yeah I'm planning on adding more pics soon! :)

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That is a FANTASTIC array of FINELY painted gaming pieces. OUTSTANDING WORK!

They bring back some nice memories of all those minis I did for my Old Gaming Group long ago.

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Mooooorrrre minis!!!!


So here's some more pics of the minis I have used in campaigns gone by. Plus there's some new minis I plan to use for a campaign in the near future.

I've always had a pretty dodgy phone until recently, so now that I can take proper photos I'm keen to catalogue my collection.

Cheers from Aus!







































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So I reckon I found something interesting for mini photography. With neural networks and image merging on https://deepart.io/I merged a photo of an antipaladin with a sketch, going from this:



To this:



I'm experimenting with different sketches to find the perfect one to merge with pictures of minis and it's great fun seeing the output. I'm keen to make some stylized sketches of my minis. I've tried merging them with paintings but with little success so far. 


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Going from the miniature to the conception sketch is an interesting idea. It certainly produces a SPLENDID drawing. VERY NICELY DONE!

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    • By Darcstaar
      My 5 1/2 yo son is super into Batman.  I had set up a Pathfinder game for the grownups, but only filled 2/4 seats.  My son has shown a little and growing interest in tabletop gaming.  So I made some stats for Batman as a Pathfinder character and used his LEGO Batman on the battle grid.
      Here are how it came out: attributes were rolled.
      Race Human
      Class Ranger (Urban) lvl 1
      Str 16
      Dex 19 (+2 human)
      Con 14 
      Int 13
      Wis 14
      Cha 8
      Favored Class Ranger +1 HP
      Trait: Rich Parents
      Trait: Deft Dodger (+1 Reflex)
      Favored Enemy Humanoid (human)
      Feat - Improved Unarmed Strike
      Feat Human - Exotic Weapon Prof - Shuriken
      Skills - don’t remember exactly, sheet isn’t in front of me:
      Acrobatics, Craft (alchemy), Disable Device, knowledge (local), perception, Survival, Stealth
      Gear- I took some liberties here for flavor:
      Mwk Studded Leather, Batarangs(shuriken shaped like a bat available in a lethal or non lethal variety), smoke bombs (combine thunderstone and smoke stick in one thrown item same price as both combined), Mwk thieves tools, sap, spiked gauntlets x 2 (his sharp things sticking out of his arms), Grapnel: (Light Crossbow + 50ft silk rope + Mwk grappling hook + 100gp to account for the “gnomish winch”) I would have loved to make it a hand crossbow, but didn’t want to waste two feats on exotics.  I just tacked on cost to the various gear to use up the gold from rich parents and still leave him with a good kit.
      He made level two and I chose an alt. Option for weapon style: thrown weapon.  That gave him bonus feat of Precise Shot without needing Point Blank Shot, but I plan on adding it later.
      Let me know what you think.
      My son didn’t have the attention span to stay at the table for long: his cousins were in the pool, so he ended up there.  My friend always plays the Cleric, but he ran Batman as a second character and had a blast with it.
    • By Darcstaar
      This is my most ambitious attempt to date.  A mini-campaign I’m running some people through calls for many kobolds of varying colors and classes.  I had 12 Kobolds from Bones I, the 4 pack in metal that those were based off of (03064), the metal Leader and Sorcerer (03024), the 12 awesome new kobolds from Bones 4, and a 7 pack (I may have gotten a freebie, I thought I bought a six pack) of kobolds from the Ral Partha TSR Official D&D 2nd Edition line, stamped 1989.  That’s a whopping 37 figures.  I want to paint tribes from all 5 chromatic factions, and want to have as few duplicate poses per faction possible.  The Ral Partha kobolds have a more simian or canine face compared to the more reptilian face of the Reaper models, but I’m still going to fold those into each faction.  The Adventure calls out a Cleric (Red) a Ranger, (Green) and a Sorcerer (Green).  Those are the only ones with specific art, and I have models representative of each present without need for modification.  Also, I am not planning to add to the bases at all.
      And I want to finish all of this in about a month (unlikely)!
      Wish me luck!
    • By Oldwolf359
      Found this girl i painted up about a year ago using reaper paints from bones KS 2 and 3, the sword hand is from a gw mini the sword is brass etch,  C&C welcome t know the eyes are badly done

    • By Prex
      I'm working up the nerve to start the larger mushroom characters from the darkreach expansion with this little guy. I really wanted to see what a bright colour scheme would do for the figures, playing on the idea of a brightly posionous mushroom. This is the result.

    • By Cygnwulf
      ******EDIT : Jump to Show-Off thread
      Everyone, meet Viridius.  

      He's a hefty boi.  No Ma'al or Kalladrax, but still pretty big. He doesn't even fit in my light box, as you can see.   
      I've thought a long time about how I was going to paint him up, I don't think I'm going to go with the standard green dragon look.  Instead I'm going to take my inspiration from the time of year, and make him an autumn forest dragon, whose coloration changes with the forest around him.   So I'll be doing him in mostly golden yellows to oranges and reds, but keeping some greenish tones as the base of scales and other places, to kind of give a reminder of the verdent glory he was before.
      One thing I'm choosing to see as an opportunity is that the tops of his wings are very smooth, ideal for some freehand work.  The question is, what to do?  Some kind of leaf like pattern, or perhaps a butterfly like eye pattern (in the leaf colors, of course)
      Out of the box bag he was in pretty good shape.  The usual mold line cleanup, though he has some gaps that will need to be filled.  I followed up with reshaping the wings a little with some boiling water.  I forgot to get a complete before picture, but below you can see the before and after for the right wing

      I've had to fully assemble him, I don't like the way the wing joins look without greenstuff, so that's going to be the first order of business.  So painting around the wings might be a chore, but it's nothing I haven't dealt with before (Although, not in recent history)

      I begain the gapfill on the right side, but after sticking a finger in greenstuff twice and having to flip him back to touch up the texture, I decided to call it a night and do the left side gaps later.

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