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The Lurkin Gherkin

Home brew campaign and RPG minis

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Going from the miniature to the conception sketch is an interesting idea. It certainly produces a SPLENDID drawing. VERY NICELY DONE!


Thanks very much! Given the processing power required for neural networking using deepart has a really quick turn around.


Its fun to experiment with different pictures and see how they merge

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Back again. Here's some more of my RPG collection as I get ready for my next campaign. Mixed in there is a halfblood and a scotsman from red box games. There's a fair bit of nostalgia in this one as I finally painted the first Bones miniature I ever got - the Ogre chieftain. Most of this I've been working at for months but a few I've painted in the last week or two. I'm in love with beastly humanoids (orcs, gnolls, bugbears, hobgoblins etc.) so many of these were a blast to paint.


Next update will be ship related - those of the sailing AND flying variety! :)













































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G'day!!! its update time!!!!


So in an attempt to stave off my obsession with X-wing, I've painted up some lovely miniatures! The star of the show was Pathfinder's Iconic Warpriest, probably now my most favourite model. Finally I found a realllyyyy good half-orc model. Bestial enough to be awesome, not too bestial enough to be apish/stupid.


The other minis are from Iron Wind that I got in a Kickstarter. They are much smaller so they made it into a pic out of interest in comparing scales.











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WOW - this is a whole lot of painting dropped in one thread - there are thousands of people out there who wish they had painted 1/10th as many bones as you!


random thoughts as i checked everything out -


You have great grasp of skin tones - from the perfect green on the orcs to the very nasty mustard of the gnoll/flind/whatever - well chosen (what color is the gnoll?, that is a really disturbing tone, i like it!)


Cool frogs - bright, detailed and easy to deploy and keep track of!


Elf with sword held high (and plain blue shield with gem) is masterfully done - in a field of very nice paint jobs, he steps forward and distinguishes himself - high CHA perhaps?


Great stuff!

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So having been obsessed with the idea of flying ships powered by dark and sinister magic for a while, it was incredibly exciting to be introduced to Spelljammer after watching a video about it on the awesome youtube show Web DM. Over the past few months I've managed to procure the original box and a MINT condition War Captain's Companion box (OMG!).


Although there are great pdfs of the books available, I have searched far and wide for digital scans of the ship cards and cardboard cutouts and finally I have my own. But they were too precious to simply cut out and use. So I scanned them all into one big document, printed them out and made them from paper!!!!!!!




Which keeps the originals intact. I'd like to share these scans with any who wants them (pending legality). I plan on using these ship tokens in my coming DnD campaign that will begin sometime after I get my hands on the Bones 3 kickstarter (who could ever guess why!). I endeavour to make a mashup between X-wing and Spelljammer to create a fun new mini-game to simulate naval combat in the skies! I think I wanna call it Skyjammer. Anyway, I hate the Spelljamer-esque idea of fantasy ships in space (ridiculous!) but I've had a long passion for creating fantasy ships flying through the air (still kinda crazy but not as stupid as space). This little mini-game can run simultaneously to a DnD session as the pilot at the helm can control their ship like they do in X wing, whilst the other players can form the crew and do as they please.


I envisage this only coming up a few times in the campaign but maaaaaan is it gonna be awesome. Plus I get to explore a world in which lucrative magical flight can come at a terrible moral cost. FUN!

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There was a game called Sky Galleons of Mars you probably would have liked.


It probably strains the bounds of legality to pass around / publish the file with all the cut-out ships.


I made a poor attempt to create some podged together rules for skyship-to-skyship combat once. (Because my characters were traveling by atmospheric bound sky galleon.) Those are long forgotten.



There is apparently and band called Skyjammer



Unless ^ this ^ is your work, someone has beaten you to the concept (and possibly the name, used within a D&D context...) with a 23 page PDF set of rules published on a wordpress site.

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    • By MoonglowMinis
      Hi everyone.  Got a couple of Cool Cats to show off today.

      I went back and forth for a long time on whether or not a wanted a group of matching lions, or if I wanted variety.  As a DM, I feel these would be used most often as Druidic wildshapes, familiars, or summons.  I also couldn't deny that i wanted to try some different techniques on each, so I decided to go with a Lion, a Tiger, and a Black Panther.
      Tiger (Reaper Bones Lion 77341)

      First up was the Tiger.  She was actually the Lioness from the Reaper Bones Lions set (77341).  Her sculpt looked like it could read as a tiger, and that was my major inspiration for wanting to paint each of them differently.  I used a lot of references images on her and the subsequent cats as well.  Really wanted to get the coloration right.  I'm happy I did, because my instinct was to use more orange tones, but in actuality, tigers have more of a warm brown color.  I used red-hair colors to bring out the highlights.  The stripes weren't as difficult as I was expecting.  I just used my reference photos as a guide and did my best.  I do worry that people will misinterpret the nose stripes as poorly-drawn whiskers though.  She also looks a little dopy head-on but I promise that that's the sculpt.
      Click the Spoiler for more Photos
      Lion (Reaper Bones Lions 77341)

      Next up is the other half of the Lion set.  This guy was always destined to be a lion.  Once again, I'm really glad I used reference images.  Its funny how many animals we envision incorrectly.  I learned this lesson well after painting up the Bones 4 pig way too pink, even though I knew it shouldn't be that color.  I'm really pleased with my coloration on the mane.  The only dry brushing on this guy is the rock base.  Time consuming but worth the result.  I think the muscle highlights look pretty natural.
      Click the Spoiler for more Photos
      Black Panther (Legend of Drizzt Board Game - Guenhwyvar)

      And finally we have the Black Panther.
      Fun Fact:
      Did you know that there is no such animal as a Black Panther?  It is just a nickname for melanistic variants of any Panthera species, specifically Leopards and Jaguars.
      This model is from The Legend of Drizzt Board Game by Wizards of the Coast.  I have not read a single Drizzt Do'Urden book, but I believe the black panther, Guenhwyvar, is the ranger's companion animal.  Anyways, that was influence enough to paint her up in that style.  I believe I used mostly Black Jaguars as inspiration, though the markings became less important than getting the highlight colors right.  I ended up using Reaper's Dark Elf Skin colors to highlight the black, which is amusing considering Drizzt's race.  I added some mottled spotting afterwards, trying to imply the pattern more than paint each individual spot.  I think I managed to imply muscle, fur, and spots without losing the dark shade of black I wanted.  Pretty happy, especially since this sculpt was my least favorite of the bunch.
      Click the Spoiler for more Photos
      Which of the three is your favorite?
      What animals do you use most often in your games?
      Do you have a favorite animal you like to see painted in miniatures?
    • By MoonglowMinis
      How's it going everyone?  Got a handful of baddies to show off today.  Painted these a few months ago and still pretty proud of them.  They're a mix of the Brigands from the Bones 4 Core, and the Bandits from Bones 3: Stoneskull Expansion.

      Painted them up to match.  They'll work great as bandits, thugs, mercenaries, or militia men.  Very versatile figures.  They were also a great opportunity for me to practice my face-work.
      Brigands (3) 77707

      I'm assuming the upcoming bones "Brigands" are in fact these three.  Lovely little models.  I'm a big fan of the slightly chunkier bones models that have been coming out lately.  They tend to have larger surface areas and better-defined edges.  They also tend to have less clutter.  This makes for an easier, cleaner paint job in my opinion.
      More Photos below the Spoiler:
      Bandits 77507,77508,77509,77510

      These four are from the Bones 3 Stoneskull Expansion.  I've had them sitting around for awhile, but decided to paint them up with the Brigands.  They have similar enough designs to fit together.  In general, I like their design less, but once I painted them up that didn't matter.  Perfectly serviceable mooks!
      More Photos beneath the Spoiler:
      Who's your favorite of the bunch?  I'm partial to the Executioner myself, with the Bandit Bully taking a close second.
    • By Javedian
      I have done about 15 minis over the past year (starting with the Learn to Paint kit), after taking a 30+ year break from painting lead with Testors enamel. Each one I try to learn or improve one technique. This one I focused on pose & basing (took a little surgery to get rid of the pudding base and shape all the claws). The 'rock' is a chunk of bark. Any comments, critiques, questions or suggestions are welcome. Between this forum and YouTube, I am amazed on the knowledge and information available, in an overall great community. Getting ready for Bones V delivery!

    • By MoonglowMinis
      The last of my player characters I painted up for Frostrun is Ophelia Pokitz, a young halfling with sticky fingers.  They're represented here by Bailey Silverbell.
      Ophelia was a fun mini as well.  Was my first time painting a humanoid with large facial features, which made it a lot easier to bring definition to the nose, lips, and eyes.  I think I even hit the cheeks with a bit of blush.  I also had fun trying to make their cloak look like it was made of fur.  The result is acceptable, but might also just look snow covered.  You can be the judge.  I also enjoyed painting a rogue that was both colorful, but subdued.  The dark greens and magentas add some much needed life to the otherwise dark mini, in my opinion.

      More Photos beneath the spoiler:
      Ophelia Pokitz is what you would call a troubled teen.  Orphaned at a young age, Ophelia spent much of their childhood passing from orphanage to orphanage, always finding a way to get kicked out.  They eventually left the system and struck out on their own, traveling to some of the larger cities in search of a better life.  Over the years, Ophelia has learned to use their small size and tiny hands to "reposes" any valuables that aren't bolted down.  This habit has put them on a wanted list in many towns across the countryside.  Pushed further north, Ophelia has found themselves in the town of Harpy's Hearth.  Ignorant of their southern reputation, and full of gold-carrying adventurers, this could be a great place for Ophelia to catch a break and line their own pockets.  It could also be a great place to find a new family.  If they can survive the darkness to come.
      Read their story and check out the rest of the Frostrun project HERE.
    • By Darcstaar
      Just pulled these out of the drawer.  One of these Orcs was next in line on the Bones I Kickstarter Rewards image, so I’ll try to squad-paint them together to save time. They have been cleaned of mold lines.  The spearman’s spear was very bent, as was the great sword.  So, those got weapon swapped with basic weapons from Bones 3.  Those are darker grey.  Washed them, so just waiting for them to dry.  Also had to gap fill spearman’s wrists.
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