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The Godsmouth Heresy Recruitment

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Hi everyone.

I'm looking to start another pbp.

Pathfinder Module

The Godsmouth Heresy

For four level 1 characters.

I would like to follow it up with future modules, so make a character you will like to play for the long haul.



1. You haven't played this Module before

2. You're not part of my Crypt of the Everflame group (trying to interact with different forumites)

3. Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Player Guide, Advanced Race Guide are in play, including Traits in APG

4. Average gold for class

5. Attributes: 4d6, throw out low die, reroll all 1s (attribute rolls will range from 6-18)

6. Be nice

7. I handle initiative a little differently in pbp: PC with highest initiative bonus rolls for the party, and all PC's follow based on their initiative bonus. In this way, players come to anticipate when they are due to act.


This Module is a classic dungeon crawl type of adventure, so mounts won't be useful. There will not likely be time for item crafting.


Hope you are all interested! :)

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Would be interested in playing if you have a spot. 


Depending on Dice, would play (in order of preference):

Human Cleric of Sarenrae  (NG alignment)

Human Rogue  (CG alignment)


I don't do a lot of PbP anymore, this would be my only PbP game.

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So far characters: 

me:  Cleric

ShadowRaven:  Swashbuckler/Rogue

NightyNight:  Aasimar Summoner (mix of arcane and melee given Summoner)


Dilvish:  We have either a fighter or Roguish need, depending on ShadowRaven. 


Started my character, will post up later tonight.

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