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Suggestions for Redcap Miniatures

Lidless Eye

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So, Volo's Guide to Monsters has resparked my interest in Redcaps.

I've used them a few times before in Feywild encounters in D&D, but always just used Gnomes as proxies.


Does anyone have any good suggestions for Redcaps?  I'm looking for the sort like they have in 5E and PF: evil twisted small folk, with iron shoes, blood-stained hats, and wicked scythes, sickles, and axes as weapons (though weapons are easy enough to convert)

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There is one in the Pathfinder Battles line as well. He came out of the Rise of the Runelord set so it may be a bit more difficult to acquire.

 I actually have one of those in my pre-paint collection!  He's...a bit of a rough sculpt, not one of their best, to me.  







Small, scrawny, foul tempered, easily dyed headgear, don't look a thing like the Pathfinder goblins.


Darn, why did I get rid of mine from the first Kickstarter!


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