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Simple DIY Dungeon Tiles

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I tried my hand at making some simple dungeon tiles. They are made from a material similar to foam core, but without the paper. 


The pieces are cut to size, scored with a pen, and then rolled with a wad of aluminum foil to add texture.




The tiles had a tendency to curl because of the scoring, so I glued each one to another unscored piece.




The pieces were then primed and given two highlights.





All in all, I think they turned out really well. The project cost less that $15 and only took a few hours. Here is an action shot.



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That does make an attractive looking dungeon...somehow attractive & dungeon don't seem comfortable with each other. It looks SO MUCH better than the sticks method my erstwhile friend, Bob, used for our Dungeons. A SPLENDID IDEAVERY NICELY DONE!

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You can do this with foamcore too. You just use steam or hot water in the shower to wet one side of the sheet and the paper part peels right off.


Thanks for the tip! I was wondering how that worked. I definitely think I'll make a bunch more and have a whole variety--enough to make a bunch of different dungeons.

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Fan Fold Insulation Foam is another alternative. It has a film over it that peels away easily...it makes attractive parchment for scrolls & such:











...this is 3/16" X 2' X 4'. I figure there were about 30 sheets to it when I bought it...it was under $10 for the bundle.

Another plus is it has a nice texture to it.

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