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02127 :: Giant Mountain Troll - Dip & Repaint :: Thrym WIP #456

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My long time generic bad guy, the Giant Mountain Troll by Sandra Garrity, came out of the carry box to get cleaned, repainted, and repaired.


His nose suffered a long drop to the floor flattened his bulbous nose considerably.


Here's his stock photo from the catalog:




Here he is with his paint cleaned off with Simple Green double dip and his nose filed back to sort of bulbous.




Since he was well and truly beat down, I decided to make him my next piece with Lunkh being finished and the Hellborn Troll being mostly done.


Stay tuned.

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Initial colors:


  • Skin: Reaper Jungle Camo over Vallejo Grey Green
  • Shirt: Reaper Carrottop Red over Reaper Auburn Shadow
  • Pants: Reaper Terran Khaki
  • Fur: Reaper Auburn Shadow over Reaper Red Shadow





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