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It's time!  (Well, not right now, but a little bit later it will be....you know).


I'm starting a week of stay-cation tonight (our on-call schedule is Tuesday to Tuesday. is it a pain for vacations, yes, but it avoids all the Monday holiday switching stuff....) and as my only real plan was to not be at work I thought it was time I got in on the, umm, fun?  that is the 7 day Goblin Challenge.


My opponent for the week will be Khanjira, the supposed World Breaker (honestly, I dropped him and he barely even cracked the world, hardly a scratch). Here is a candid shot of him relaxing in the hot tub yesterday....doesn't look so tough to me....





Official start time will be sometime this evening, when we get back from the office Christmas tree lighting and fireworks.  (That's right, I'm kicking off my 7 day challenge with fireworks!! )

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yay jasper ......  WAIT~



is that a size zero brush???



Can we have an official reading??




Don't worry, we all know "Can we have an official reading?" is just code for "Can I have a close up for my tired old eyes?"   ::P: 




And after about 40 minutes this is how much I could slather brown liner on.


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And that's the first coat of liner done.



I'll need to go over and get all the spots I missed after it dries.  And after I find my other bottle of Brown Liner because that one is done.  It is no more. It has expired, etc, etc.


Luckily I'd already planned to do the base in Grey Liner so I didn't need to stop and search tonight.


And the poor recruit of a brush I volunteered for liner duty is holding up ok. Resilient chap that one....


That's it for tonight, it is 11:30 here.  Its snack and a show (is their a new Lucifer tonight??) time.  I am planning to get up at 6:30 after all.


And hopefully the internet will be back tomorrow maybe.  We have a wireless service and had a snow/ice storm yesterday and I don't think the antenna has thawed out yet.  Having to set up a cell hot spot for every post is getting annoying....


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ooooh!   the Multi colored wolf earns the couch with his goodies!  **waves off chaoswolf to make room for Xherman**

>looks quizzically at the silly human waving at him; snuggles in next to Sylverthorne and Xherman<



You're off to a great start, Jasper!

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