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Well the power came back on around 8:40.


In between all the everythings I did managed to get a fair bit done, just not as much as I wanted to get to today.


All of the skin on all of the appendages is drybrushed.  All the plates and spikes were then touched up, and then all of the plates where washed with some Strong Tone to get a little more shadow into the cracks and dents in them.





To start off tomorrow I'll be doing the highlighting on the plates and spikes on the appendages.


Assuming there are (hopefully!) no disasters tomorrow, I'll then move on the the main body, working on spikes and the belly plates.


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So no painting done yet today (its 1:23 pm here).

Taped the car together enough to get the shop (tuck tape for the win!).  Appraised. $4000+  :blink:

Claim opened with insurance. Rental car acquired.

Much caffeine purchased, since I'm now behind schedule  ::D:


Time for lunch and then hopefully some painting, although there is still time for a meteor strike, or earthquake or something....

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Well, I'd hoped to have all the appendages (minus the shoulder plates, those will wait until I go back to doing the back so I have all the colours out at once) done by supper time....




1/5th of the way there....sigh.


Hopefully can get them all done this evening but looks like the work on the body might have to wait until tomorrow.



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As an update, no disasters have occurred in the last few hours!  ::D:






Four limbs done, one tail to go.

I did less of the straight Phoenix Red on the legs, not so many spikes and the plates didn't have the ridges of the arms.


I did a 2 hour straight stint, which is more than I should be doing at once.  Was getting a little shaky there towards the end.

But I've taken a break now, so should be good to get the tail done tonight.  Oh, and the claws need to Dark Elf Skin Triad attention too....


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The tail.....so many spikes....... :wacko:


Done for tonight.  Tail is highlighted, and really should be done, unless I notice something later.

Rather than do the claws, I did the spikes on the main body, excluding the lower face.  I want to do all of the head at the same time.


Here's what he looks like tonight, with a helping hand to keep him from falling off the base or apart.





Up first tomorrow are getting those claws done, then the main body belly plates.

After that maybe the head (haven't decided what to do with the horns yet....)


And still to do after those:

Clean up the blending on the back plates (and do the shoulder plates).

The base

Check final fit and touch up anything that shows white.


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Morning folks.  Thanks for the encouragement, muchly appreciated.


So remember that nice plan of attack I had for this morning?  Well, instead I felt like painting rocks....




Nothing tricky for colours here, just using two triads, as pictured.  There will likely be a black wash (at least) on the stones to get in all the cracks.


Hopefully Khanjira won't get too annoyed that I keep bumping his nail appointment....

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