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Ok, time for a break.  Shoulder is not happy and my hand is jumping around a lot.


Been working on the mouth.  Teeth are taking forever because of my unsteadiness today.  But to the point that they got a strong tone wash (as did the roof of the mouth and tongue, but dark tone) so break and try to get everything to relax.



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So had a good break, watched a show with my wife.  Had some time left before supper so came back up to paint.  Things went much better, with the shoulder mostly behaving.




That's the teeth and eyes done.  Just need to finish up the skin and do the many spikes to finish up the head.


Apart from the horns....



I'm still not sure what to do with them.  Do the whole thing as horns?  I've seen some done like that.  Others, the top horns are one colour and the lower are often more skin colour or something.....

And the horns colour, go with the same as the claws, purple greys, or go with the spike colours....or even the back plates colours.  I'm having trouble deciding.





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skin tone fading into back plate horn color.


Leave those until tomorrow.  Gotcha!  ::D:



So the body is done, save for touching up a few spots from doing the spike, and then touching up a few spikes I rubbed a bit off of the tips of trying to hold the bloody thing.



I'm very tempted to glue the body, legs and base tonight.  Every time I handle the body I seem to find a spike to rub paint off of.  Did you know there are (by my count) 77 bumps, nubs and spikes on the main body piece?

I think I will glue those pieces.  Then tomorrow I can glue in each back piece and apply whatever pressure without having to handle the body too much.


Now to go touch up those few spots, then start on the many spikes on the top half of the head.....

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But why would he have head tentacles ?


Anyway, that's for tomorrow.


I'm done for tonight....I can't paint another spike.




Legs and base are glued to the body now.  I'll need to do a few minor touch ups but not much.  The upper head isn't glued, I just popped it in for the shots.




Head is all painted now.  I'll give it a once over tomorrow to see if I missed anything.


So, the plan for tomorrow:


quick check of head

quick check of glue parts

clean up blending on back plates from bottom to top, gluing in as complete (to give me time to put whatever pressure is needed on each one until the glue dries).

blend shoulder plates the same as back plates

the horns

final assembly



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