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Ok, back plate number two done.




This is the one that is the hardest fit for me.  Even after holding it for 5+minutes there is a small gap on the side, but at least I made sure there was paint in there....





And I did up a horn/tentacle.  Think it looks ok....



Lunch time!!


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Thanks all!


It wouldn't have been such a push at the end if some many things hadn't eaten up hours (and hours) of time during the week.  Or I would have been slack and still had a big push at the end, who knows.  I do like my deadlines.


If anyone is wondering about the numbers in some posts, those are my fasting blood sugars from each morning.  I'm a type 2 diabetic and have been struggling to get my sugars to stay down for the last little while.  So Tuesday I started back on to a low carb diet to help things along (what better time to mess with everything than during a 7 day challenge!!)  So normal is the range 4.0 to 7.0  (depending on your doctor).  By today I've got my resting down to 8.5  (I'm one of those people who's blood sugar actually goes up overnight as they sleep...its a complicated thing).  I marked a few day time numbers too, I think.  A 6.5 and I know I had a 5.9, so those are coming along nicely

Once concern with this was that when my sugars come down, it messes up my eyes. I'm told it has to do with sugar depositing in the retina, and actually changing the geometry of eye until it slowly gets absorbed back.  When I was first diagnosed, long long ago, I ended up not wearing my glasses for 3 or 4 weeks.  Luckily this hasn't been too much of an issue, although I noticed yesterday I was having some problems, but mostly with distances that didn't matter for painting.

Anyway things are going well so far, and now I just need to watch for lows since I'm still on some meds....

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For any future touch ups:



Grey Liner

Stone parts:

Shadowed Stone, Stone Grey, Weathered Stone, AP Warpaints Dark Tone

Dirt parts:

Muddy Soil, Basic Dirt, Brown Sand, AP Warpaints Strong Tone



Brown Liner


Walnut Brown, Woodstain Brown, Shield Brown, Driftwood Brown

Spikes and plates:

Mahogany Brown, Phoenix Red

Black plates and horns:

Vallejo MA Black, Blackened Brown, Rust Brown, Blonde Shadow, Blonde Hair, Blonde Highlight 


Nightshade Purple, Dark Elf Shadow, Dark Elf Skin, Dark Elf Highlight


Gothic Crimson, AP Warpaints Dark Tone


Blonde Hair, Blonde Highlight, AP Warpaints Strong Tone


Linen White, Phoenix Red, Vallejo MA Black



Think that is it.

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