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Westfalia's - 'The Second Breakfast'


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About this project

The Second Breakfast

This range will permit you to build idyllic tranquil scenes of shire life, or add to your current war band. Whether you're into tending goats or firing cannons, there's something for everyone. Ankle-biters for all!

This project will fill a few gaps in our existing Halfmen Army and will add the extra bit of flair that every proper fantasy world needs. 

We will again produce all the minis in resin as this permits cheaper prices for customers when it comes to postage. It also means really crisp details.

About the Halfmen

The first Halfmen project began with a few miniatures for a fantasy skirmish war band, but it quickly escalated into a full army of war-ready Halflings. These tough little butchers have true-to-form knightly armour and weaponry and would feel at home on the battlefields of High Medieval Europe. There's a smattering of fantasy thrown in for good measure. 

The Team

The miniatures have been sculpted by Michael Anderson, and the buildings and scenery by the folks from Model Earth. The project, the sculptors, and the production are all located in the UK.

Pledge Guide

The campaign starts with a basic pledge level of £1. Paying £1 will give you access to updates and permit you to buy individual minis to make your own custom package. The pledge levels that come after, are for specific pre-made sets. However, please note that all the pledge levels will allow you to make a custom order and include items from the add-on list into your chosen pledge level. To assist with this, we have developed a PLEDGE MANAGER. You can change your pledge anytime until the end of the campaign.  



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There is a bad time for minis?


(I could also have written: There is a good time for spending large amounts of Money on "toys"?) ;)


But yeah, buying Christmas presents, paying year's end bills and one or two other Kickstarters mean that I have to be content with two house fronts and not get the whole village.

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For those who don't follow the updates, there's this little extra:



Also, during the Second Breakfast campaign we gave the choice for a stretch goal of Goat Sergeants or Harabs. The Sergeants won the vote, but we got a few Harabs done as well.


The Harabs are available for now by special order only (not in the shop). I am happy to send them to customers for £2 per Harab. There are 4 sets of Harabs: 1x 3 bows, 1x3 spears, 1x3 swords, 1x3 command figs. There is also one hell of an impressive oriental ogre for sale for £15.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to [email protected]



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