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Way of the Fighter by Soda Pop Miniatures Kickstarter -Relaunch (Live)


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Way of the Fighter is an expandable card game by Benjamin Yamada that pits two fighters against one another in an arena, with a theme reminiscent of classic arcade-style fighting games. Each player manages their fighter’s movements, actions, health, and energy to achieve victory. The game is quick and involves bluffing, resource management, knowledge of each fighter's style, and sharp tactical decisions.




well the relaunch looks very similar to the original (although the goal is lower) and there is a new pledge level


so the minis are available from the start for those who want them (in combination with the full pack of game goodies) 

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I am not sold so much on this relaunch.  It looks like they lowered the goal $10,000 and dropped the price on the pledges for $5 to $10.   I like the concept, but I don't like the idea that I could end up having some characters that are standees while others are minis.

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well it's clear I know nothing and the election was a distacion as this is now well over the previous total

Funded and More!

Hello Fighters!

In less than 24 hours we've funded!


Thank you to everyone who has backed to help make Way of the Fighter a reality!

Unlocked Goals

We've also begun unlocking some incredible stretch goals, lets take a look.


The Miniature Fighter pledge gets a Blazing Soul Candy mini!


Card Fighter and Miniature Fighter pledges get a new fighter, Tala!


Show off that you backed the Kickstarter with this awesome gold-stamped alt-art card for Aurelia! Her art looks incredible, lets take a look.

[art redacted, see the ks if you you want to see the large version]

Our artist suggested a "costume break" in a grand tradition of anime and fighters. We couldn't resist and she did a wonderful job!

The Miniature Fighter pledge gets an ND-2000 miniature!

Upcoming Goals

We still have lots of cool goals to unlock, lets take a look at the next couple.







(I am a wordsmith, extraordinaire!)

Keep spreading the word, see you soon!



Khublai and Super Dungeon Cosplay Unlocked!

Two more stretch goals have been unlocked!



The mighty Khublai has arrived! This new fighter deck is free to both Card Fighter and Miniature Fighter pledges!


Our first cosplay chibi model arrives, featuring Blazing Soul Candy Cosplaying as the Wandering Minstrel! This model is free to the Miniature Fighter pledge and is also available through the new Super Dungeon Spectator pledge.

This new pledge is designed for Super Dungeon fans, and will receive all of the free Super Dungeon cosplay model stretch goals as they are unlocked. With it, you can also make optional purchases, and will have access to the pledge manager at the close of the Kickstarter.

If you have friends who are Super Dungeon fanatics make sure to share this new pledge with them, so they can join the fun!

Until next time—

and with a new SDE pledge level it should carry on going 

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I would guess it was less the election and more about not having minis unlocked day 1. Yes, yes I know this game doesn't really need them, but changing your target audience isn't easy and Sodapop's existing fanbase is used to minis.  Comparing the number of pledges at the Card Fighter level to the number of pledges at the Miniature Fighter level seems to support this (even the Super Dungeon level has more pledges than Turbo/Super/Card Fighter combined).


In the original project I could see a number of people putting the project on remind or just waiting, and then not knowing minis unlocked early.  In the new kickstarter all of those pledges came in day 1.

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Because of the twitter poll results, I'm thinking we might still see Lumi as a SDE add-on or a solo release later. Most folks I've chatted with are assuming she'll be an alternate deep root druid, with a genie shapeshifter form.


I'm just a tad disappointed that Kasi wasn't a shamble priest. It's true that she wouldn't have followed the same alt hero theme as the other two, but I really wanted to modify my second set of zombies to all be girl zombies with a female elite.

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For those awaiting the miniatures. The owner posted that the project is complete. So... what the elf? Looks like I'm avoiding any Soda Pop Miniatures / Ninja Division product from now on. Maybe he means not 100% complete to all three and not just Relic Knights?


John Starck Cadice WotF is delivered, Starfinder is underway, Relic Knights is underway, - and no, not 100% complete, but off and running, and managable to begin to engage the same human resources on delivering the next projects - time/money/schedule



Bumping for those that do not go to the comment sections.



" Soda Pop Miniatures 7-time creator 32 minutes ago

Hello Explorers,
We will be suspending updates until we next have a firm production update to share with you. We share your continued frustration, and apologize for the extended delays we are having in manufacturing and fulfilling your pledges. We remain 100% committed to providing you with an exceptional Super Dungeon product. For those of you who enjoy the continued exploration of the world of Super Dungeon, we will be moving our previews of the fiction content from the Explorer’s Guide to the website."


They posted on facebook instead of updates. Some backers are asking the owner questions and he had a meltdown. From what I gather, he deleted some comments from Facebook.

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