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WWB1990 - Wood Elf Band Archer(?)


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That is one of G.W.'s old Regiments of Renown miniatures; in this case it was a Wood Elf Band whose name escapes me. They were SPLENDID miniatures AND your brushwork is up to their renown. OUTSTANDING WORK!

Thanks Malafactus !

I thought he was one of the old ones, based on the casting.  Sure is a lot of detail, and I had fun.

I'm sure we'll get the name nailed down :)

Your enthusiasm and kind words are most Inspirational !  Thank You !!

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Very nice work on him!


Any reason you chose a dungeon base instead of a woodland one?

Thanks Chaoswolf !

This is one of the more simpler answers I have given.


Its what I had in the package! 

I was given this as greatly appreciated gift, and I knew so little about these figures,

that I gave it cult status, thats what it came with,  so thats what I gave it.

I wanted to draw attention to the mini, not the basing on this one.

I thought it so kewl and part of the early history, I wanted to not gussy up the base,

and take away from brilliance of the figure.  This stuff was revolutionary in its day.

So I treated it with my respect.

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And that is just as good a reason as any other.

Thanks Chaoswolf;

I'm glad for the support, and the comments on these miniatures.

Sometimes just going with the flow of where the colors I choose are leading me.

Other times fighting up stream with difficult color choice.

I Sometimes ane anazed at how the Show Off forum presents me with  so many different opinions about what I have

or have not done, it was refreshing to hear your question ! 

Thank again.  Soon it will be another mini I'll be working on !

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