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Making a modular, collapsible 10mm City for CAV in an evening

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Hi all,


So... I have a short attention span.  This is evidenced by me deciding to take up yet another side project- this time in anticipation of finally receiving my starter rulebook for CAV:SO from reaper this week.  


Reaper's CAV line is the only line of minis that are not fantasy (or 40k), and the only line of minis that I have that are not in the 25-28mm range.  As such, I don't have much good terrain for them yet.  


I have been a fan of paper terrain for awhile, ever since discovering world works games and Dave Graffam's stuff.  Upon starting to look around I also found a surprising variety of free paper building templates for a variety of scales- most of which are based in Europe.


So I downloaded a few of those, and then also purchased this pdf from Dave Graffam, which allows me to make office buildings of several sizes and colors that fold flat when not in use, allowing me to store an entire city in a tiny box.  Pretty awesome, especially for 3 bucks.


I also found some shipping container templates. Check it out!




I made almost 20 buildings in two evenings:



An action shot:



The terrans get ambushed!



View from above:



And folded (mostly) flat for storage (the folded buildings are on bottom):post-14043-0-96347100-1480372339_thumb.jpg

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