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02770 :: Lunkh, The Hill Giant and the Silver Dragon Egg

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The Hill Giant and the Silver Dragon Egg

If you haven't figured it out by now, I enjoy giants, and I have prolly said as much here more than once.  There are many more giants in the queue that is my shelf of shame.  However, I am doing my damnedest to move the queue.
A long while ago I picked up this hunk of metal named, aptly, Lunkh.  Much like the Ogre Mage, Master Phthalo, I based him on a two-inch square piece of shale along with stones, sand and ballast.  He got a primer coat of some tan paint I had on hand at the time and was promptly shelved in my home office.
You can check out the WIP post to see everything I did to get him here.  WIP
The foliage is different colors of moss along with some ground foam in muted red and bright green.  The moss was washed with some Reaper Walnut Brown to enhance the inner shadows of the bushes.
I present to you,
"Lunkh, The Hill Giant and the Silver Dragon Egg"
post-7739-0-00359800-1480394538_thumb.jpg post-7739-0-76751200-1480394538_thumb.jpg
post-7739-0-57735600-1480394543_thumb.jpg post-7739-0-23440900-1480394544_thumb.jpg



I hope you enjoy him.  Check him out in the Inspiration Gallery. (approved)


Added to Thrym's Index of Reaper Miniatures & Thrym's General Show Off List

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Awesome job!!!

Great painting. I simply adore the base.

Great work!!

...you'll need a BIG skillet for the Dragon's egg.

Your creation is FANTASTICBEAUTIFULLY  painted & based. VERY WELL DONE!

Thanks to all of you.  I am quite happy with him.

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