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Randomness XI: Rampant Randomness Randomly Rampaging

Froggy the Great

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3 hours ago, Mad Jack said:


 Those things go for some decent money these days... Although they do pop up on EvilBay reasonably often. The character figures are hard to find complete with all the weapons and such, but the monsters can sometimes be found still in the blister.

Somewhere down the road, I have a vague plan of throwing money at them to CTA* - I used to have the elf, the dwarf and the human female cleric when I was younger, but never got any of the monsters.



* Collect Them All!!!!!



Every so often I feel nostalgic for the toys of my childhood. We didn't have a lot of money so I didn't have tons but what I had was well used. I just found out awhile ago that you can still get the TimMee green army men with vehicles I loved. It'd cost me $50 usd to rebuy all the different sets I had that I think cost about $10 usd back then. If my boys were a bit younger I'd be all over these.


For the D&D toys I had: Elkhorn, Melf, Strongheart, Warduke and Zarak action figures. Then there was the bugbear, troll and troglodyte with goblin sets, shambling mound, skeletons, stalwart men at arms, heroic men at arms and dwarves. Come to think of it I know one of the men at arms is still at the farm and there might be a dwarf there as well. The poor man at arms was dug out of the garden after over 20 years. Every summer the wife finds some of my cheap plastic toys there. It was my main playground as a kid because I could play in the mud along the edges while my mom worked there.


Oh man, just for kicks I looked up a Buck Rogers playset I had. $300 cad of ebay. $70 for 3 of the space ships from it. If only I'd been a a collector and not a normal kid I'd be rich now. Time to go see if I can find the few other things I had.

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54 minutes ago, Aryanun said:

I love painting minis, just seems like I can't anymore. My dedicated space keeps being taken over by others for other stuff. I give up.

Anything a good bonking will solve?

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58 minutes ago, Aryanun said:

I love painting minis, just seems like I can't anymore. My dedicated space keeps being taken over by others for other stuff. I give up.


Been there. Finally negotiated that in our house I have one area of about 2m x2m that is 100% mine. I like being able to leave things out ready to paint so that when I have a bit of time I can. When I have to unpack and set up then pack it away I never got anything done. Stay stron and don't give up. Everybody needs something just for themselves sometime.

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Trying to sort out all my stuff for making new SCA garb and I seem to have lost a bunch of fabric, but at the same time I found a bunch of fabric in a different color. I'm now wondering if I completely imagined having the other color, but I could swear that I did about 6 months ago when I was going through my stuff the first time.


It's making me a little crazy right now.

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Gotta love the internet. I went and did a search for 2 other sets of toys I loved as a kid and found them. I now know their histories.



I actually use some of those ogre minis in the first link for heavy support in my goblin army.

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Spent the day in Seattle at the science center with Husband and a couple of friends. They have an exhibit on the Terracotta Warriors on display so we went and did that. It was great fun, picked up a journal in the gift shop, not sure how I'm going to use it yet but it'll probably be painting related.

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Company day at the Denver Zoo. Watched my wife go nuts for the red panda and the grizzly bears. Got to watch one of their Asian elephants going for a swim. Generally good time, with only a slight burn. Since it was father's day, got a gift before we went of a keyboard attachment for the tablet. Very cool.


Stopped off at the Wizard's Chest based on someone's experience, maybe in the CMPA thread (sorry! Not looking it up as I need to go to sleep). Son was super happy with the store, buying a German hat and a top hat (he's collecting them), but a little disappointed they didn't have any powdered wigs. Wife decided to buy the boxed set of Mousling heroes, and some little plastic animals that she'll turn into hairbows. Daughter was the big looser, tho. She couldn't find anything to take the burning money in her pocket. Poor thing. She and her daddy left empty handed.


I thought I had something else fun to write about, but looks like nothing. So...


Randomness XII: Because You Don't Have Time to Actually Paint Anything

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I'm going mildly crazy trying to find my green linen. I've spent the last 4 hours or so alternating between doing laundry and tearing my room apart in my efforts. The end result is that I'm actually cleaning my room, but I'm getting a stress headache. That linen was expensive, and I'm positive that I bought it. I have such vivid memories of sorting it out a few months ago...


ETA: I give up. I'm done. I'm not going to look for it anymore tonight. I'm really starting to think that my memories of it were just some strangely realistic fever dream or something, because I've looked everywhere I can think of that I may have put it. And while I can find little threads of my red and black on my floor near where they were, I can't find any threads of the green. I thought I had, but they turned out to be from an old army duffle that I have because they were much too coarse to be linen and they weren't quite the color I remember it being.

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6 hours ago, Aryanun said:

I love painting minis, just seems like I can't anymore. My dedicated space keeps being taken over by others for other stuff. I give up.


These others need to become acquainted with the concept and benefits of being nicer people. 

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