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Randomness XI: Rampant Randomness Randomly Rampaging

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23 hours ago, FaekiasDracon said:

As far as the boy clothes go, keep anything that fits well, looks decently feminine and actually has pockets, you'll thank people for this advice later. Ask Pingo, Red, and OneBoot; women's clothes don't seem to include pockets most of the time. 

Omg, pockets! I stuck hubby's iPhone 6+, that thing the size of a paperback book in his pocket and it just sunk down into it and vanished. Like, I can't even put my iPod in my pocket and have it be that secure!


Screw you pocket industry! :angry:


11 hours ago, Aryanun said:

I love painting minis, just seems like I can't anymore. My dedicated space keeps being taken over by others for other stuff. I give up.

I declare a new rule for your house: if it's in your painting space and it's not your painting stuff, it's proper home is the trash can :devil:

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Morning all... It appears to be Monday... 


Had a mostly fun weekend, except for this heat... Ugh, I hate summer.


Didn't do any painting, but did watch the matrix movies, and did a bunch of coming. Gonna need to find cold dishes to being for lunch. Turning on the oven was not fun.


11 hours ago, hiddenone32 said:

Anything a good bonking will solve?

Well... I'd be willing to try it and find out.  Purely for science, of course! :poke:

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18 hours ago, DakkauserKaptinBadrukk said:

As for Hurricanes...

Rrrgh.  Too early.



15 hours ago, buglips*the*goblin said:

I bought a Dizi but it doesn't sound right and I don't know whether it's defective or I'm just useless.  I might spring for, shall we say, "one of known reputation of quality" so I can eliminate craftmanship as a variable and just deal with MOAR PRACTICE.


It's in C, if you were curious.


Got pics and/or soundclips?  I know I had to have a sit-down or three with an established wooden-flute player to get my grip and embouchure even approaching correct.

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18 hours ago, Zink said:


I had a toy I called Bob the bugbear when I was a kid.


Have no idea what happened to all those guys. My shambling mound is still in a toybox at my sister's house but the rest are long lost.


Bob the Bugbear!

Can we smash it?

Bob the Bugbear!

Yes, we can!

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2 hours ago, Froggy the Great said:

Got pics and/or soundclips?  I know I had to have a sit-down or three with an established wooden-flute player to get my grip and embouchure even approaching correct.


It has some damage to the internal brass ring, on account of them shipping it in a bubble envelope for some unfathomable reason.  I managed to mostly fix that, but the lack of care shipping the thing doesn't give me a great deal of confidence in how much care went into crafting it.  It wasn't the cheapest bamboo flute, but it wasn't exactly high end.  Normally I would assume the issue is my learning curve if I had confidence in the insrument being up to specs, but this one has just enough sketchiness that I don't know how much is me and how much is it - and I don't have enough experience to know if it's off.


So I think after RCon I'll get one from a more reputable source so that I at least know it's not the instrument.

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