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Maledrakh's Minivember #30: Pedrogo, Tthe Circle of Chaos completed

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For Minivember I will try to do a different model each day (duplicates or similar models (from the same unit or suchlike still only count as one!).

If you want to see the rest of my minivember minis, feel free to have a look at my painting blog..I won't be posting each and every one here, just the Reaper minis and maybe some that I find especially interesting. Yes, they will be speedpaints, just like all my minis.


The Circle of Chaos is an oldhammer-style warband of 7 models very much in the Realm of Chaos vein. Mutants and misfits all. The models in the warband were contributed by different sculptors and kickstarted by Curtis Fell of Ramshackle games fame.


At last I have finished the last one to do, completing the warband. (apart from the add on Rhinotaur that I regrettably did not pledge for. Shoulda done dat. 


161130-circle-of-chaos-pedrogo.jpg 161130-circle-of-chaos-pedrogo-back.jpg



and the completed circle warband: 




That leaves my Minivember tally at 30 unique minis, out of the 40 minis in total painted this month. Minivember Challenge Goal met. Hoody Hoo!



Pedrogo the Chaos Dwarf Sorceror

Cirle of Chaos Oldhammer Warband

Kickstarter by Curtis Fell of Ramshackle Miniatures.


30mm base

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What a WONDERFULLY imaginative & totally unique War Band you've created. The miniatures are DELIGHTFULLY bizarre, BEAUTIFULLY painted & based. VERY WELL DONE indeed!

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Congrats on successfully completing your challenge!


Very nicely painted warband you've got there, too.

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