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Very excellent!


My husband will be starting Storm King's Thunder next year (though maybe we are starting at a different place since we are starting 1st level). Been painting up goblins and other things, just getting to the batch of giants now that I haven't finished yet. Your fire giants turned out very well.

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@Jessie I had two new players to D&D, so I wanted to start them with Lost Mines. It really is a great introductory adventure for very inexperienced players. I also hadn't decided to whether we would play Storm King's Thunder or Curse of Strahd so it gave me more time to decide.


@Verboden Vrucht we sometimes use tiles, but we usually use a board made by one of the players. It's a sheet of graph paper with a 1" square grid sandwiched between two sheets of plexiglass. Then we use dry erase markers to sketch rooms etc. with the minis. Here's a sample from our game in one of the Lost Mine of Phandelver castles along side the actual floor plan:


The party, led by a Reaper Anhurian (the one from the old LTPK) is confronting a bunch of goblins at the bottom, while Batman (the party rogue) is facing a grick (or two). They hadn't explored the north west section yet. As you can see, my lack of artistic talent extends beyond mini painting to map making.

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      Technically this is a WIP since the base is unfinished, but the figure is done-ish..

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      Off to the second giant, I am going with a different gold this time.  I really like the color of reapers NMM gold but I had problems with coverage so it went to the back of the line.  This one will use a gold base from scale 75 but shaded with reapers NMM gold shadow and hopefully it will work and avoid a bath in simple green

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      So I finished the Bones version of Vanja.
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      Hope you like her.
      EDIT: forgot to mention this earlier, don't know if it shows well in the pics. The armor is red mixed with silver to get a metallic look, later i added more silver for the highlight parts.
      And with a more neutral back drop.
      I'm new to this...must make a lightbox soon.
      These were made in the garden.


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      Good Afternoon All! This is my first submission and would ask for tips on how to improve my technique. I havent based this one yet but will likely do the painted eggshell lava like i did on the sword. Thank you for any help and happy painting.

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      So I bought this miniature a while back because I knew my party was going to run into him and wanted to him. Well school and work have been busy so I never got a chance. Well last session they unexpectedly decided to go into the area they were going to meet this little guys and I realized that I still hadn't painted him. I stalled that session but tomorrow night they will undoubtedly run into him so I had to get to work today. He is a little rushed but it will work for game play. This is the largest miniature I have painted so far and also the first non humanoid...(the tiny fire elemental doesn't count). I plan on revisiting this miniature to touch up on details. Any advise helps! Thanks!


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