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Marineal vs. Mashaaf in THE REST OF TODAY


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Alright! Update time!

This is where I started when I came back from my petrification. (see what I did there?)


And now, everything is brown linered and has(a few) no mold lines!





Yay! Now I add color! I had already test fit everything to make sure I didn't need to do any other greenstuffing. I'll check again later.

See you in an hour!

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Whew! It's been another hour?!

So, basecoating is mostly done. Gotta hit the bone areas and do a few touch ups. Then I start shading!


My brush is starting to look rough... Not gonna be able to use him for any detail work.


Yellow belly will be much less yellow soon.




Alright! Gonna grab a snack and get back to it! Hope y'all are enjoying this!

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